Elon Musk not giving a fuck about your degree.

Elon Musk not giving a fuck about your degree.

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  1. If you are put in a position where you have to hire someone you have only so much time and resources to hire someone. So you aren’t going to waste your time on college and high school dropouts in hopes of finding an anomaly. You are going to naturally use a set of filters to weed out candidates to focus on potential hires. So either earn a degree or start your own company.

  2. Yeah maybe Bill gates and Steve jobs didn’t finish their degrees lets be honest they got accepted into Harvard and Stanford, which is an accomplishment of its own. And not to mention, they’re also extremely intelligent.

  3. The nice thing about college is it pushes you to put in the time to get good at some field at a point in your life when you probably would not otherwise do so if left to your own devices. It’s not until you’re in your 30’s when you start thinking “It would be really nice to just take a class on something”…

  4. Spacex hiring pissed me off, found a posting I was very qualified for and spent an hour doing the online application. Fucking nailed it had perfect examples for every question.

    At the very end of the application there’s a check box that says “are you a US citizen or have a visa to work in he US” which I checked no. It then said because it’s federally funded it can only accept US citizens or visa holders. I’m Canadian and have worked in the US before.

    Wasted an hour of my time, put that shit as the first question you dicks.

  5. He’s not saying you shouldn’t go to college, he is saying going to college and getting the degree alone doesn’t mean much to him. It’s your ability and achievements that count.

  6. Track record of exceptional achievement or ability? You mean like getting into a high quality university? I would think that Musk is intelligent enough to understand that Jobs, Gates and the like are statistical anomalies and that hiring the likes of Jobs would most likely not be a super smart idea in all situations but I guess not. Of course there is going to be the 1/100,000 case of a person who at 14 was able to put together a fusion reactor like Taylor Wilson. However, those people are very few and far between and assuming that all of them actually make good employees working to make you and your company rich, that they are able to connect and work well with others when they lack the experience from doing so through the course of a 4 year college and possible graduate degree program thereafter is at least a bit shortsighted.

  7. Wish more places had this way of thinking. Im trying to get a job elsewhere doing what I do and other places require 2 year degree no exp, but my resume wont make it past the first stage even with 4 years experience doing that same job elsewhere

  8. People use shit like this as an excuse to not go to college or drop out but the difference is the amount of creativity and drive and commitment people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc had. The people who show me shit like this don’t have any of that.. I bet you a million buck all the people Elon listed weren’t chillin at home, they were in the books reading, studying and learning new shit.

  9. I think people are missing the point he is making, its not a job for Tesla or his other companies, its someone on HIS team. Elon is just one of the hands of a clock.

    Elon understands what lots of companies don’t, lots of people are outcasts but have wicked skill sets.

    This guy that lives near me is beyond anything i’ve ever seen in that regard, he is pretty much off the charts smart..the only problem is he is also off the charts anti-social. He lived with his mom till she passed, after that he pretty much just lives upstairs in the house..the downstairs is for visitors/delivery people/etc. He has cameras all over so he can see how comes and goes. He is a nice guy, its just he wants to be left alone. But he apparently sells his invention because the way he spends money he is not getting it from disability or whatever.

  10. You people are missing the whole point. He’s saying that if you can prove your competence without a degree then it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a degree, it isn’t special. Being able to earn a name for yourself *without* a degree means you’re someone interesting enough to look into hiring.
    Yeah, all of the official job offerings are going to say shit like bachelors / experience required, but the kind of people he’d be willing to hire that *don’t* have degrees wouldn’t ever even be at that step. They would be people successful enough that you can look their accomplishments up by name. Those kind of people don’t send resumes to the same random Joe in HR that applicant #11384 did, they talk directly to the heads of the companies.
    It’s not a requirement to own a degree if you can prove yourself otherwise. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are just easy examples of these sorts of people.

  11. I think a lot of businesses place an emphasis on a degree, not because of the subject you studied, but because it shows a certain level of determination and organisation.

  12. I’m so sorry but this is so freaking misleading. Young people of Reddit – don’t drop out of university. At least get a bachelors so that you have something to fall back on.

  13. Sure, you can not go to college and be both intelligent and driven, you can also list a number of successful people that also didn’t go to college. However you can’t just subtly underplay how much of an “indicator” of success or intelligence someone with a degree will often have considering the numerous studies that back it up.

  14. The reason bill gates didn’t go to college was because no college at the time was doing what he was doing, he was in the process of creating a new niche market. There where no classes for him.


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