Final event of the MarbleLympics

Final event of the MarbleLympics

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  1. We really need post event commentating and announcers. Talks about “weighting” (roids), greasing, and commercials in between but for niche marble products like ball cream.

  2. As a Savage Speeders fan, I gotta congratulate the O’rangers, they really deserved the win after a couple of poor performances by the Speeders in the last several events. Congrats O’rangers!

  3. Ohhhhhhh’Rangers 1st place!

    Came back from 9th to take 1st!

    Orange is the new Gold

    Edit: Rooted for my boys in Orange from the start. Great videos and work this year Jelle. Shout out to Oceanics and Pinkies! Better luck next year.

  4. Congrats to the O’rangers, can only hope the Limers really hit the weight room in the off season and make some crucial changes to the FO cough* fire GM Glas Verde *cough. Just glad I didn’t have to watch the Savage Speeders perform the knocking of the dominoes again because I’m still angry about ’94.

  5. huge fan of the savage speeders. devestated by these last couple of events. but probs to the orangers what a performance.

    i wish for a speedy recovery of team momo. really nasty injury in the fidget spinner event. there will definitely be some discussions about the safety issues in the next couple of weeks.

  6. Why in the world would you have Yelley run the sand race and Yellow run the swim event?! It clearly should have been the other way around. Play to your strengths Mellow Yellow! I’m proud of you guys for getting bronze though. Last year silver, this year bronze, next year we go for gold!

  7. What an amazing ending. That was so much fun. And anyone who hasn’t seen this series, give it a try. It’s honestly one of the best channels right now. Team Galactic to the end!

  8. It was a tough run watching my Limers fall from 3rd place all the way down to 10th, but we’ll be back next year stronger than ever!

    Great videos man, hope to see more in the future.

  9. Been rooting for Galactic since day 1 and I’m glad they managed to break into top 8 in such spectacular fashion.

    And of course congrats to the Orangers for a hard fought first place finish!

  10. 7th place overall for the newcomers Shining Swarm. I’d say good showing for their first Marblelympics especially since they picked up a gold medal.

    We made it into the top half Shining Swarm!

  11. Mellooooo Yelloooooo

    Bronze is acceptable. They were the best team, *all-around*, this year. Like how Gretzky is obviously the greatest player in the history of the show, but Gordie Howe is the best all-around player. But up against a masterpiece like Clementin, it was tougher than hell and the Orangers pulled it off.

  12. This whole series was a lot of fun to follow, major props to the creators.

    My Oceanics just couldn’t keep up, but was happy to watch the Midnight Wisps rise up in the standings over time.

  13. Where are my fellow Team Galactic fans at?
    Cosmo,Starry,Astron and Pulsar are my true idols in life. Whenever I’m feeling down ,I think of Starry (My personal favourite) and it makes me feel happy again. Team galactic were such gracious competitors in the competitors in this competition and I hope over the off season they will find a better and more effective way to optimise their team arrangement so they can proudly stand upon the gold podium and preform the prestigious falling of the dominos.GO TEAM GALACTIC!

  14. Tickets to these finals are outrageously high. I use grow watching this all the time with my paps! I grew into a huge fan & wee started going to games. Over the past few years the ticket prices skyrocketed for “league improvements” but it really for the CEO to cash out at his lake house. I know longer am a fan of the sport and sadly my kids won’t grow up watching it with me like I did with my paps. What kind cruel world do we live in?!?!

  15. I’m so sad Team Momo didn’t automatically qualify for the next Marblelympics. If Momomomo didn’t get hurt things would have been so much better for them…

  16. Here is a comment I made over a month ago, at the very beginning of the marble Olympics:

    >After watching the qualifiers for the 2017 marble olympics, I really became a fan of the O’rangers. They seemed to have some sort of heart, a scrappy willpower, that the other teams lacked. I really went all in as a die hard O’rangers supporter.

    >Watching them narrowly miss the clutches of victory over and over again in the Olympic events is legitimately breaking my heart.

    Watching the O’rangers rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and win the entire thing…


  17. Man… I stuck with them the whole marblelympics. My love never wavered. I sat, hands clasped and with bated breath, during every event waiting for our chance to stand on the podium. Judging by how little they are talked about, I assume everyone else jumped ship, but I never gave up hope.

    But goddammit, the Jawbreakers didn’t win a single medal…

    We were really always a winter Olympics team anyway, You all better watch out come February.


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