Food for thought: China's Food Safety | 101 East

Every year two million people die from unsafe food and water around the world. Food safety experts warn these deaths may be caused by human design, and nowhere is this trend more prevalent than in China.

Tracing the making of a bowl of wonton noodle soup, a 101 East investigation exposes the toxic stew this iconic dish has become.

From tainted additives in noodles to growth hormones in pork, to industrial filler posing as meat, presenter Steve Chao finds that anything is possible for producers looking to cut corners and make a fast buck.

Do you have a story about Chinese food you consumed? @AJ101East goes undercover to expose the hidden harm in China’s Food Industry.

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Comment (41)

  1. The Chinese Central Government and President Xi are too inept to do anything about it. Even sadder, is this is an old problem. Complain and they will just arrest you for actually being truthful. President Xi and the People's Republic of China should be ashamed. 🙁 How can you respect people who cannot protect the food supply. They don't deserve it!

  2. There is no difference between food produced in US and China. Animals are fed a lot of antibiotics in the US, too. US uses aspartame and other chemicals that cause cancer and also make people fat. The purpose of this video is not about helping Chinese people, it’s about competitions in order for US to gain market share. Do you know what chicken farms look like in the US? What about diary producers in North American? Just go for a visit. Another fact, China import pork, beef… from Canada.

  3. I see some racist comments on this page & just want to say….yes there does need to be a conversation about food practices that can be the cause of deadly viruses that could cause global widespread deaths, yes that conversation does need to happen BUT racism is NOT acceptable,and does nothing to help situation. I can't help reading comments and thinking some are using the Corona virus as an excuse to make racist comments, that helps no one, and isnt appropriate in any way.

  4. China isn't the only country in this boat. Maybe it is time to ask what is in that frozen pie or TV diner. What is in that yellow powder that makes stuff taste like butter.

  5. The CCP really need to monitor their food safety because their problems effects the whole freaking world. I hope they get this after twice they created pendemic. All this chemicals just a waiting time bomb.

  6. Corona virus 🦠 is said to have always been in certain animals and through eating these animals and being near the animal waste it contaminates those who eat or come in contact with it then get the virus and we see how what happens after that! They need to have FDA in China to protect the people of their country but also the world as a whole ! Trump has also made Americans much more unsafe by making it much easier for our food to contaminate us all. Again it’s greed and profit!

  7. The Chinese need to stop eating things that create and then spread this virus 🦠 in the first place! It doesn’t just hurt them it hurts our entire world as proven with first SARS which started in China and now Corona virus 🦠 which is killing many more than SARS ever did. In fact it’s worse than Ebola ever was and that’s saying how scary it truly is

  8. All about the money nothing about the help. Could this be part of why the people in China are unable to fight this awful coronavirus. Because their gut bacteria is not good and they are not feeding themselves healthy ingredients that will also make the cells in your body and throughout healthier. I don’t know just saying

  9. I wanted to import from china but after I learnt they got ugyhurs in those factories working for nothing but torture, I just can't have success made from someone's blood, tears & ruins..

  10. So, in 2014 there was proof that additives cause bacteria immune to medication, basically because they use so much that it creates super bugs., but anti Vaxers who believe the same happens with humans are ridiculed. And now we have penicillin which was used so much the bacteria has evolved past the point of it working and more recently covid-19 which is so hard to cure based on all the same reasons. Yet no one wants to admit it. Only take meds if your body can’t fight it.. no sane person takes meds when there healthy


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