Food Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Producers, sellers, and consumers waste tons of food. John Oliver discusses the shocking amount of food we don’t eat.

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  1. ‪@LastWeekTonight Can you do a segment on seasonal fruits and vegetables, and the agricultural affects of growth patterns? I once came across an article in my undergrad about tomato harvests in Mexico, and how the US essentially gave them a pesticide for bigger "more plentiful" crops, but it created a rare fly species that ruined crops.‬ Haven't done further research on this, but I'm interested to know more about the global food trade and the effects it has.

  2. I work for a major garbage company and the fact about methane is wrong. Most landfills now collect that methane produced by the garbage and use it to make electric power. And yes, I've seen distributors and grocery stores throw out tons of food, but most of it was stuff that had expired and was beginning to rot. Could they donate it? Sure, so long as someone was willing to eat it right away and didn't mind the possibility of getting sick.

  3. General question / topic of discussion:
    A possible solution to the issue of overstocking supermarkets could be an increased focus on automation. If people were encouraged to order their groceries online, their orders would be processed by so called "dark stores", wherein the only people allowed access are personal shoppers who put together the orders and prepare them for delivery. This would mean that purchases aren't based on aesthetics snd impulse shopping and so would probably reduce the amount of food waste. For people who want to see what they're buying before they get it (e.g. If you want to cook and want to go out and find the best ingredients) could still go to smaller stores or local food markets (this would also help boost local economies) and as these places are of a much smaller scale, the waste produced would be negligible in comparison to larger traditional supermarkets.

    Just an idea, feel free to point out flaws or alternative ideas

  4. Shit like this is what made me a communist. Seriously how can you defend throwing away tons of food when there are people going hungry in your own country? Let alone accounting for the billions going hungry in the third world and millions starving.

  5. The problem is at the grocery store I shop most of the produce is old. Too many times I've purchased fruit with no juice, too old and dried up, artichokes are spongy and old, strawberries are moldy the next day, and potatoes are shriveled and spongy (rotton). I just cant eat that. Puky.

  6. That´s the problem with absolute Capitalism. Cheaper to throw it away. There should be charges for doing so. High Charges. I´m not even American but we got some poor people here too in Germany. And we are all, and I hope I don´t sound like a Hippie, Sisters and Brothers. And especially in a Country like America, that is so proud of itself and his brave people that can fight war after war but not carrying for each other is sad. And in 3rd world countries people die of Hunger. Same here in Germany I don´t just want to blame America…but we are in the 21 Century and we got the food to stop Hunger once and for all but we are missing the opportunity to do so. That´s the worst Part of it. That´s so sad 🙁

  7. Around the four minute mark the woman with three young kids couldn't feed her family… why have three young kids if you can't even support yourself?I'm not saying I don't feel for her, I just have a fetish for playing devil's advocate.

  8. 4:58 this is the part where mr. Oliver has to follow his employer's agenda don't pay attention to it just let the man spew unintentional garbage, which is ironical coming from this video, and don't let it affect you. I love this man's show.


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