Guy on LivePD is arrested for being weird after passing every single road side test.

Guy on LivePD is arrested for being weird after passing every single road side test.

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  1. It’s like Cops but live?

    I always assumed on Cops they had to afterward sign a waiver to consent to the video being aired. Not sure how that would work if it’s live.

  2. “Something is not sitting right with me so I am going to place you under arrest for driving under the influence”

    Solid supporting evidence by this police officer. Really makes me trust the system

  3. The concept of LivePD is unbelievably terrible.

    The celebrity worship culture I fear will color the police officers’ motives. I mean… they KNOW boring old traffic stops won’t be very entertaining. There’s an undercurrent if incentive to make things exciting.

    What could go wrong?

  4. Police statement:

    >The driver of this vehicle was speeding and driving in the dark with no headlights or taillights. Upon contact with the deputy, the driver’s behavior was unusual as he was wearing sunglasses and describing inanimate objects in his vehicle as his friends who he was conversing with. The driver also displayed veryred and bloodshot eyes. Suspicious of alcohol or drug impaired driving, deputies conducted field sobriety testing to include two separate Drug Recognition examinations conducted by two separate DRE certified deputies. These examinations started at the scene of the stop and concluded at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office as a matter of protocol and necessity.

    >During this investigation deputies observed multiple indicators that were consistent with impairment. In conclusion, deputies did not believe that there was enough evidence to pursue an impaired driving charge. The driver was booked and released on the traffic charges that resulted in the stop.

  5. Listen to them try to justify what they just saw.


    “If he submits to the blood test and nothing comes back then charges dropped”


    What charges?? Why is he even being tested???

  6. Officer1- “Where you heading tonight?”

    PartyBoy-“The party sir.”

    Officer1- “What party?”

    PartyBoy-” I am the party sir!”

    Officer2 – ” his listening to nickleback wearing a womans tank top, with cut off jeans and a fanny pack filled with flash bang hot sauce. Something not right here .”

    Officer1-” cuff him “

  7. Man fuck the MO PD departments.

    Story time:

    I was driving cross country last summer and at some point in Missouri I noticed a cop was behind me. So I switched lanes and slowed down a bit to let him pass, but instead he just kept following me. Went on for miles. No lights, just following me. Finally I got pulled over for going 73 in a 70 and for passing a truck and merging withing 2 seconds of passing rather than 3 seconds. I even asked the officer how he determined that and he said he “counted them.” Total nonsense.

    He pulls me over and asks where I’m coming from. I have Utah plates and had just driven through CO, so I assume he really wanted to bust me for weed (which I didn’t have). I said UT and explained I was driving across the country to go see my folks and vacation for a while. He said okay and then asked me to step out of the car and go sit in the squad car while he ran my plates and all that good stuff. I agreed because it was easier than being a smart-ass with him.

    So we’re sitting in the squad car, chatting about Utah and the national parks and the skiing and the weather and then out of the blue he asks me: “so talk to me about the last time you used a controlled substance.” I wasn’t expecting that, so I got all nervous. I hadn’t smoked since high school, but I wasn’t about to talk to a cop about any of that, so I said “never” and he said “you sure about that?” And I said “yes sir.”

    Apparently he didn’t believe me because he said “well you seem nervous about that question. Your breathing is speeding up and your pulse is increasing like you’re hiding something, so I’m going to search your car.” I knew I could say no, but I didn’t have guns, alcohol, drugs, anything and if I got all constitutional on him he’d probably have arrested me for being weird or resisting or called a K-9 and made me wait all day while he kept interrogating me about my life, so I said sure do it.

    He was all bummed when he couldn’t find drugs and had to let me go, but fuck that search and that whole situation. Shifting lanes after 2 seconds which he counted like he’s some kind of atomic clock. Switching from talking about the weather to asking me about drug use and saying he can tell my pulse is going up so I must be hiding something and he’s gonna search my car. 73 in a 70 after following me for miles just looking for any excuse to pull me over. Quality police work, officer. Fuck the MO police department, straight up.

  8. If he passes every single sobriety test you literally have zero reason to arrest. Any intelligent person would’ve recognized pretty quickly he was trolling and would just let him go. Acting weird isn’t illegal.

    Fantastic police work, I feel much safer now.

  9. Haha, that cop. The finger test is “scientifically proven.” No it’s not.

    And they keep doing other tests because they keep failing to get the result they want.

    In the state of California, the only field-test you have to consent to is a blood test down at the station if they suspect you’re under the influence. You don’t have to look at them to allow them to assess the size of your pupils. You don’t have to do the finger test. You don’t have to do the walk-the-line test. You don’t have to take a breathalyzer.

    “Something isn’t sitting right with me” is this cops outrageous abuse of power. A search of his fanny-pack without consent. Jesus fucking Christ, I know this is just a joke on the PD, but this isn’t how you’re supposed to do your job as a cop.

    This video proves why you don’t submit to the field-test in the first place. By agreeing to do the field-test, they can just fucking LIE and say you failed the test and then arrest you on that.

  10. “innocent until proven guilty, if he gets the blood drawn and proves he is innocent than all charges are dropped.” I don’t think this person knows what innocent until proven guilty means


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