Guy saves a girl from drowning

Guy saves a girl from drowning

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  1. I’m happy that got filmed. dude selflessly got all his close soaked to save that girl. no one around to see what he did or thank him. he just rides off and would otherwise never be noticed for the great thing he did

  2. unsung heroes of the real word, people that don’t act because of recognition or responsibly, just those that truly, and honestly react if the see someone in possible danger or in need of help.

  3. So many sad stories of the general public ignoring those in need of help from China. It’s is nice to see a success story.

    Also to note, he was a food delivery driver (logos on his bike), so he may have even stopped on his delivery run.

  4. Need to make this blow up so this hero gets true fame for his actions. It would be nice to see that and get my mind off the world burning around us due to environmental cirses and politics moving towards authoritarianism globally

  5. Given that it seems like this happened in China, that probably explains part of why he left immediately. Although China enacted a new [Good Samaritan law]( back in 2017 to help protect Samaritans from being sued for legitimately helping people in need, for several years nobody would out of a stigma created by scammers and other unscrupulous people. A big case in creating that stigma was [Soulan v. Peng](, where a woman had broken her femur in a fall, and was carried to a hospital for treatment. Then, she turned around and sued the person that saved her, claiming they broke the femur themselves, and won. The stigma was so bad that people would rather watch others die in the street rather than actually save their lives out of fear of financial ruin, like the death of [Wang Yue]( in 2011.

    So even though this guy might be safe under the new laws there, I can completely get why he wouldn’t want to be known.

  6. Glad video cameras caught that. Guys deserves all the props.
    I did lol at the old lady at the end who looked like she was shooing him away for not having a shirt on or whatever.

  7. This is great footage of how it looks like when someone is drowning. Instincts kick in and people flop their arms up and down gasping for air. If you see that in a pool, the person needs immediate help.

  8. This happened to me once – I was the kid (4 years old).

    My armbands had burst so my dad went to get some new ones. Whilst he was gone, I jumped on an inflatable dragon and propelled myself around the hotel pool. There were no lifeguards for some reason, and nobody had seen me get on the dragon. After a minute or so, I fell off the dragon.

    I remember going straight under and went straight to the bottom. I was kicking as hard as I could but I couldn’t get off the bottom of the pool floor. After what seemed an eternity I somehow managed to get my head above water for less than a second and shouted “HELP!” I remember seeing my older sister’s friend (probably about 19) at the end of the pool hear the call, look in my direction, and scream my name at the top of her lungs. I went straight back under and hit the pool floor again. By this point, I was inhaling water and my energy was going.

    Then I saw two hands come out of the blurry mist under the water and hoist me to the surface. My sister’s friend had swum the whole length of the pool in seconds the moment she heard me shout for help.

    I was taken out of the pool and vomited a ridiculous amount of water before my dad cane back wondering what the hell had happened.

    20 years on I still think about that event and want to thank my sister’s friend for saving my life. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen her in many years.

  9. It’s sad how many kids (adults too I guess) die this way every year. I still think one of the best life gifts my parents gave me was teaching me to swim at a really young age. Every year you read stories of kids accidentally falling in a 5 foot deep pool and dying.

  10. i’ll never forget when i fell into a pool at a family party and instantly gulped water and began drowning. like a superhero, my dad came running from across the house and dived straight in to get me – and this was when cellphones were brand new, he had just got one and was super proud of it – didn’t bat an eye, soaked the phone, his wallet, his clothes – to save his boy.

    i can’t help but beam when i think of that story – who knows, maybe i would have been fine anyway, but the image of my dad dropping everything to run and dive and save me – that feeling will never leave me.

    love ya pops.

  11. Why is there an HD security camera perfectly framed on them when there is seemingly nothing of extreme value nearby, nor does it appear to be a terribly wealthy area?

  12. What an amazing person. I think we all like to think we would be that hero but honestly my first thought wouldn’t have been to leap in that water. I’m pretty antisocial though and might have asked if she could hold the stick out for me to pull her in.

  13. I onced jumped in the water to save a dog that was drowning. I had a bunch of stuff in my pockets and my panicked mind thought it best to just pull my shorts off. In my hurried state I ended up pulling off my underwear too. So now I’m running with shoes, a shirt, and my bare ass towards the water. I did save the dog though. So, it was worth it.

  14. I am surprised nobody has said anything about the other kid just standing there while the other struggles. Shock and fear can startle people especially if never put in a hard situation before. But let’s be real I am sure that both of those children have been through some situations that were less ideal in the past. I feel like the young one was old enough to know that she needed help from somebody.

  15. It looks like the girls just dipped right on out of there after she was saved. It’s interesting how long it takes for children to develop a sense of being grateful. “I guess I get to live another 50-100 years… okay bye sir” – little girl

  16. Its crazy how random life is. That guy who ate the slug and got brain damage and died, and this little girl would have been dead in a couple minutes if not for a random attentive motorcycle driver.

  17. PSA: Some water resistance phones are not water resistance in pools, chemically treated water, etc. Apple & Samsung does not universally warranty against water damage even though they will market it’s IP68.

  18. Serious question: I probably would’ve jumped in. But I don’t know how to swim. How much of a bad idea is that? All things considered I would try other things prior to jumping in like calling other people or trying to stretch something for her to grab onto (because, you know. I wouldn’t want both of us dead).

  19. Translation: When I first arrived at the street entrance, I saw a child in the water struggling. I had no idea how long the child was there for, but they were in the middle [of the water] and sinking.


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