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  1. You can really see the affects of g-force here. It’s literally pulling the blood out of his brain, then when the force is reversed his brain fills with lots more blood and he snaps back awake, probably a confusing and surreal experience.

  2. I love how the only upvoted comments are the ones saying it’s fake. All the comments that enjoyed the video for what it is get downvoted. You guys live depressing lives.

  3. Have no idea if this guy actually has Narcolepsy but it sure appears to be Cataplexy.

    Cataplexy is a sudden onset of temporary complete paralysis (or any lesser extent of muscle tone loss), triggered by large swings in emotion (most often pleasure able ones, like laughing).
    One can think, see somewhat, and hear what is going on while in paralysis.
    Cataplexy is a symptom of Narcolepsy, only those who live with it can relate and for many lucky people they’re able to not trigger besides in extreme situations, (edit -> never even knowing that they have and are experiencing such), while some other more unfortunate people experience frequent, persistent and/or very interfering Cataplexy, to a point that isolation is one of the only ways to mostly prevent it.

  4. So the consensus is that this one is fake, but I have seen videos of people on the slingshot passing out, sometimes several times in a row where their head is actually flopping around.

    My question is: Surely passing out several times in succession is bad for you, is it not?


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