How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster

How Not to Land an Orbital Rocket Booster

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  1. SpaceX is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, so it’s no surprise they have made some mistakes along the way. Any other company would sweep this under the rug. So it’s almost like SpaceX is proud of their failures since it’s proof of just how hard they are playing.

  2. Rockets and spacecraft like these have always been some of the most optimistic forms of technology I can think of.

    I mean, all rockets can trace their history all the way back to the first forms of ammunition. And these tools have been used for the wholesale slaughter of people; stuffed with lead, black powder, gunpowder, and even fissile material.

    But then some idealistic schmo thought: “Wouldn’t it be great to ride that to the Moon?” Who knew replacing warheads with people would change the whole context of a thing?

    Hopefully next year, when SpaceX sends up people, I’ll be watching it with that same sense of incredulity. And wonder.

    Ad Astra per aspera. A rough road to the stars.

  3. Nothing wrong with failing, as long as you learn from your mistakes.. and boy there has been a lot of them.

    Today, SpaceX is the cheapest way of launching a satellite into orbit.

    Goodjob SpaceX!

  4. We bugged out to Central Florida last week as a stopover on our way to Georgia. My dad lives in Titusville which is right by Canaveral. We were standing in his kitchen when we heard grumbling and then the house windows started rattling. His girl started yelling “come watch the rocket!” By the time I got outside I could just see the trail. Ten minutes later I was outside getting stuff out of my car when I heard a big BOOM!!!! I hoped the rocket hadn’t failed. Come to find out that was the booster coming back in to land at supersonic speed! I got to feel and hear the whole sequence, it was pretty neat!

  5. Is there a reason why these rockets are so prone to explode? The failed engine sensor, it just did a 180 turn and boom. A relatively gentle fall onto the floor and boom. Do they explode for safety reasons?


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