HOW-TO COOK Samyang Korean SPICY Noodle (the RIGHT way)

Samyang Korean SPICY Noodle is a very popular “CHALLENGE” in the youtube world…

So many people cook it incorrectly. I’m going to show you how to properly cook the noodle for the best results. These noodles are spicy but also delicious. I like adding a poached egg, but you can also add fried or boiled egg. Vegetables are also very good.

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Comment (37)

  1. Finally someone who isn't doing a challenge and crying about it!Enjoyed every minute of your video! Great editing . Thank you for sharing im tired of seeing everyone cooking it exactly the same in all those "spicy noodle challenge bs videos" the way you prepared it looks very enjoyable. ?☺

  2. What's wrong with these people.. hey you can cook this noodle whatever way you want. It's still edible though, unless you put detergent soap on it. By the way, dude, your video looks relaxing especially when you were still cooking. hehehehe


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