How to cook steaks the traditional way

Chef Patrick Heuberger shows us how to cook steaks the traditional way – on a frying pan and on a grill pan. He used the Australian Angus 200-days grain-fed ribeye in the first method and the US corn-fed sirloin in the second method. The full written recipe can be found at

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  1. Smothered steak is the bomb! First it is seasoned, coated then fried. Choice of coating is usually flour. Some people use an egg batter. (optional)Make a thick gravy with fresh garlic,fresh chopped parsley, black pepper, sea salt and onions on the side. When the steak is done(the steak should be fully cooked to very tender) cooking totally immerse it into the gravy and let cool until the gravy gels and bonds to the steak. This is an amazing dish. When done right it is truly a gourmet experience. A dash of red pepper is optional.

  2. Use full heat only if you are not using teflon as it can melt, and most oils will burn before your gas range will reach peak temp. I like the thermal mass of cast iron but a lot of top places use aluminum as well. Skip the oil, go 10/10 heat, get the pan fully hot first, really burn the shit out of the pan then the meat will not stick but you need a good stove and over 700 degree pan (avocado oil will burn).


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