How to dice an onyon.

How to dice an onyon.

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  1. I wonder how many times he says onyon

    *answering the tough questions myself: he says onyon 25 times

    I also learned how to dice an onyon correctly, it was actually pretty informative and I kinda like that guy now

  2. It was like the second week in the intro culinary lab. I had a peer not listen to the chef when he said move the onion not the knife. He soon was taken by an ambulance for a 3in. gash across his palm. Funny stuff.

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  4. I thought this was the normal way to cut an onion and that everyone knew about it. First time I did this in my dorm room, my roommates though I was some kind of God.

  5. >When you are gonna dice an onyon, you wanna remove the first layer because the first layer is somewhat slippery, so you wanna remove it.

    HA! All those people who told me I was lazy because I refused to struggle to peel just the skin off. IN YOUR FACE.


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