How to prepare, cook and cut Beetroot – French cooking techniques

As part of our chapter on how to peel and cut the well known vegetables we look at how to prepare cook and cut Beetroot.this videos provides step by step instruction from beginning to end of the preparation and cooking process.

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  1. Would you roast a carrot and then peel it? The best way to address a beet that is roasted is to peel it like a potato and then roast it. No need to use foil – let the juices come into the roasting pan and collect the evaporated sweetness for your application. Cutting it to your size like a potato before roasting is the best way to deal with a carrot, potato, or beet.

  2. Can you show a method that will totally avoid the likely toxicities from aluminum. I just don't understand how anyone in the culinary industry in this day and age as a cook or chef, is not long ago fully up to speed on the dangers of cooking with aluminum!! Many many families I know even avoid cold beverages in aluminum cans. It seems like I've known this 20 years now and I'm just a truck driver. REALLY makes me wonder just how much aluminum soup and sauce pots etc. are STILL used in kitchens of even the more upscale restaurants around the world??

    Thank you for the video and covering this topic! I just happen to have had some fresh beets in my fridge and was wondering about ways to fix them when I found your video and channel!! Great stuff you are doing!!! Just please STOP listening to (most likely paid or bribed / blackmailed) "Experts" on topics like this and DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK about how toxic aluminum is. VERY heavily tied through health science to Alzheimer / dementia!!! 🙂

  3. I think this guy is a retard. Just peeling like a potato. Slice them up. Wash them really good. Then cook up anyway that's available to you. Then add any kind of seasoning that you like even sugar!PS. BEET JUICE WILL STAIN AND RUIN YOUR CLOTHES!


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