How to tie your shoelaces in 2 Seconds

How to tie your shoelaces in 2 Seconds

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  1. Doesn’t look like a big improvement over the “normal” way. And the 2 seconds are a little misleading since the shoe is already partly tied.

    That said it’s always interesting to see a new approach to basic things.

  2. I think the time it’d take me to learn to do this in 2 seconds would negate the time I saved tying my shoelaces faster for the rest of my life.

  3. This took me like 5 minutes to get right, i felt like a fucking idiot. Also the way she says “use your right hand” while using her left hand and vice versa confused the shit out of me

  4. My time to shine!

    I learned about this method/knot a few years ago and have only been using it for my shoes since then, I guess it is quicker but shoelaces tend to come untied much more frequently than the traditional bow knot for shoelaces, and it uses a bit less lace/string, so I also step on my shoelace more often, which also often unites the knot.

    If shoelaces were shorter (yay less waste) then that would help with stepping on them but I think they’d still tend to come loose as often.

  5. What the shit kind of video is this? Tie shoelace in two seconds, except start timing after you have already tied half of the shoelace and positioned your fingers in a weird way to do it quickly from there? Reminds me of that “get undressed in one second guy” who spends like ten seconds setting up his clothes and position to then do it in one second. Pointless. Hate this shit. In the bin.

  6. Ahh yes, the Ian’s knot. I remember tying my work boots laces at my job and a girl I worked with was waiting for me by the door. She was impressed by how fast I tied them, haha.

    It might get you chicks, boys!

  7. I have been doing this for a very long time, it’s pure muscle memory and I cannot even remember how to do it whilst thinking about the steps you need to go through. It gives you some wacky looking oversized tied up shoelaces which aren’t very tight, but at least it’s under 3 seconds.

  8. If I actually spent the time untying and retying my shoe every time I took it off/on, I might use this. But unless I’m running or playing another sport, I typically just slide the already tied shoe on. For day to day use, I don’t really need my shoes to be the perfect tightness.

  9. I learned how to do this from some stupid commercial about 5-6 years ago. I can’t even remember what the commercial was they showed a bunch of little clips talking about how much time we waste doing some things. It only showed the shoelace bit for a few seconds, but I caught it on DVR and replayed it until I figured it out. Now this is the only way I tie my shoes.

  10. Unfortunately she ties the weak form of this knot, which comes untied too easy. There is a Ted talk about it. If you tie the strong form they won’t come undone

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