Injustice 2

Injustice 2

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  1. Gotta be honest here, some say he is dropping in quality, but I just like laugh an idiot at all of his videos. Well, I laugh like an idiot at most things, but thats not the main point.

  2. In all seriousness, this game is great. It’s got good mechanics and it’s pretty fun to play, although this comes from a fan and a person who played Mortal Kombat X for 2 year before, so my NRS bias might come out.

  3. Ehhh this was kinda a miss for me, the facial animations seem on point and it’s kinda awkward how out of his way to make the game look bad.

  4. I’ve been playing video games my whole life, I KNOW I know the end slate song, but I can’t place it. But I got this wave of nostalgia from hearing it. Can anybody name it for me please?

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  7. I can tell you as someone who’s played this thoroughly, Dunkey really had to go out of his way to make the game look stupid with out of context shots.

  8. I do love Dunkey but the story probably would have made more sense to him if he’d played Injustice 1 or looked up the continuity. That was the only thing that really bothered me about his video.

    …also I like Captain Cold. I get what they were going for with Injustice. That can’t just have a roster only filled with Batman and Superman characters. It would make it more recognizable for some folks who aren’t as big into the whole DC continuity but the Injustice games are a good way to get people interested in new chars they may not have ever heard of or thought of in a while.

    Also if anyone wants to know more about Swamp Thing, Justice League Dark is a reeeeally good movie that he’s in. I mean it’s a whole series with Constantine and Zatanna and a bunch of other characters but the animated movie came out in January and is really good.

  9. The fact that you didn’t mention Donkeys name in the title was the real… injustice.

    Wait, one more. I would just about watch any show with Dunkey in it… unless I was in mexico.

  10. why are there so many fucks in the comments all of sudden taking the dunkster way too serious? Its a joke. Just like your existence if you write yet another comment about how Robin is actually Mrs Doubfires long lost son

  11. This game is far from perfect, but it’s still a great game. Dunkey is such a hipster when it comes to his preferences. I love his videos, but I’ve hated his “dunkview” ever since he bashed Last of Us. He clearly prefers Nintendo and Nintendo-like indie games, particularly being fond of the latter.


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