Joey Quits (worker quits hotel job with a marching band)

Joey Quits (worker quits hotel job with a marching band)

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  1. His boss seemed like an arsehole. I’d be laughing my arse of if one of my guys quit like this. It beats taking a shite on the bathroom floor and walking out.

  2. I mean the idea was great. The execution of the music was good, but it seemed like he couldn’t wait to get out of there. The marching band was much more enthusiastic than the actual guy quitting. If you’re gonna go for it, go for it 100%.

  3. That was pretty good. There should be a recognizable official soundtrack to events like this. You wouldn’t even have to say the words I quit.

    I would also like something similar for firing a particularly shitty employees so everyone can wave goodbye in glee.

  4. I stayed in that hotel a number of years ago. Maybe around 2009ish. I thought it was a really nice place and reasonably priced at the time of my visit. I actually really would like to go back to Providence and would likely stay there again.


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