Another look at some fun kitchen gadgets to test
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Well it’s time for another look at the weird, wonderful and ever growing World of food gadgets. This time we have some very interesting items for you and also trying a couple from a previous video with your improved suggestions. Whilst some of these may be a little odd it’s good to remember they come in handy in certain situations – I mean who doesn’t need a biscuit pocket in their mug?!

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pizza scissors
metal hand washer
biscuit pocket mug
fish egg separator
teabag tool

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My Virgin Kitchen is a YouTube cooking channel I created when I wanted to teach myself how to cook and create a video diary of the journey I have never had a professional lesson & am just your every day chap attempting recipes to inspire you guys to try too. Most uploads are how to recipe cooking videos, but some fun is had too on Sunday Funday when anything goes, including giant foods, mini foods, taste testing foods sent from around the World, food gadgets and many more. Any requests for recipes / cool stuff you’ve seen let me know! I try my best to reply to as many comments as possible, but please interact with eachother and be respectful 🙂

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Comment (29)

  1. I know this is an old video but the scissors come apart for cleaning, and you can keep them closed when lifting a slice up.

  2. If you can't separate any egg with your hand and need this goldfish or a plastic bottle or other device, you're probably going to ruin the eggs anyway during cooking, so why waste the money?

  3. I have had the biscuit that fitted snugly before (the one that had black bits in ) and every time I eat one my family always say you're eating the fly biscuits

  4. Thank you so very much. Your videos are very amusing and give a giggle. I’m a Granny,
    and I actually received the “Biscuit Pocket” Cup for my birthday from my seven year old Grandson.
    OF COURSE I LIKE IT! (For that reason ALONE!) If your biscuit or cookie has any sort of
    chocolate on the outside of it… YOU’RE IN FOR QUITE THE MESS. Be prepared. I ONLY USE

  5. The funny thing is, half of these products just make more work than they save. Or create additional work you never knew you needed to do.


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