Let’s never forget that Quizno’s thought this was a good idea…

Let’s never forget that Quizno’s thought this was a good idea…

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  1. This is like a proto-meme.

    I mean if you look at it in context there were a number of these “shitty”, poorly animated, weird videos on the internet at the time . Think like salad fingers, rejected, etc. They were viral before viral even existed.

  2. You guys are all completely missing the fact that this ad wasn’t even CLOSE to being the most WTF ad from Quiznos. That honor goes to this ad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LQpRQh2KSQ

    which features Scott, a Quiznos employee and a talking toaster who asks Scott to make an extra meaty sub called the “Toasty torpedo” and then says “Put it in me Scott”. Not to even mention the first lines of the ad where the toaster says he wants Scott to do something and Scott replies “I’m not doing that again” (looks down at his crotch) “that burned.”

    I mean seriously, WTF Quiznos?

  3. Quizno’s is one of those brands that seemingly everyone has good things to say about it – yet they practically don’t exist now.

    It’s funny because it basically rules out any possibility of people shilling for them – people actually just really liked their sandwiches. Myself included – Quizno’s was highly superior to Subway imo. A damned shame it’s gone.

    Edit: Apparently they aren’t all gone. But the one in my town seems to have coincided with a great many getting closed down all at once.

  4. This was actually a genius marketing idea. It was super out there and obviously stuck in peoples heads. It made you remember Quiznos and you were more likely to stop into one when you saw one. And it was targeted at a certain market. Obviously they’re not trying to attract executives. But maybe a kid in high school who needs something to eat between class and soccer? Maybe they’ll ask mom to stop there when they drive by? Maybe Mom’s carpooling 3 other hungry soccer players that day? I remember my friends and I always screeching “ANY COUPON WORKS” at each other for a variety of reasons when these commercials came out.

    To build on this, while they were on your heads, they released the [“Any Coupon Works”](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePP7jPYl-pg) commercial. Great idea. Bring in a coupon for literally anything and they will give you a dollar off your sub. And it was sung by those “Spongmonkeys” so the jingle stuck with you. Quiznos is very willing to lose $1 in profit to acquire a new customer that might actually (probably) like the subs and keep coming back. That’s actually an extremely low customer acquisition cost. Also, absolutely $0 cost for Quiznos to “print and distribute” these coupons. The ground work for that is already done because anyone can bring in ANY coupon.

    Years later, I still stop at Quiznos from time to time and think about those creepy singing little rat things every time.


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