Lowes Truck Runs Red Light

Lowes Truck Runs Red Light

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  1. “Ohh….” That’s it? A small blip of concern on impact but nothing as it come careening towards him.

    Also I was very surprised to see just a small car take out a truck that size. Even if it was empty.

  2. Is it just me, or did that truck have to be empty to get tossed around as much as it did? Plus, it stopped pretty quickly after falling on its side.

    I would suspect it wouldn’t have fallen over if full, or if it did, it would have taken out the camera car.

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  4. If this isn’t on r/youtubehaiku with the “too be continued” song in a day it will be a missed opportunity, I’m just too damn lazy. At least Give me partial credit if someone uses this idea

  5. Congratulations to the lottery winners…the video shows a speeding truck, operated by a multi-billion dollar company that puts unreasonable timetables on employees, running a red light and hitting three cars.

  6. Defensive driving 101. Do not hit the intersection at 50mph just as the light changes from red to green.

    I know it feels really cool and sure, technically you have every right to do so but if you did it enough times then you will have a major accident.

  7. Having nearly been killed in the same manner on my motorcycle, I’ve learned never to enter the intersection as soon or as fast as this. Better to wait a second or two to see if there are any red light runners. At the end of the day, right of way doesn’t mean shit in regards to your safety.


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