Man helps lost toddler find her parents, police say, but parents beat him and smear him online as a predator.

Man helps lost toddler find her parents, police say, but parents beat him and smear him online as a predator.

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  1. Because of shit like this I don’t even look in a kid’s general direction. When I walk around its like they don’t even exist. We live in a pedo-paranoid world.

  2. Here’s what I think happened. The husband was being a fucking moron, lost his kid, and is now trying to make this guy look like a criminal instead of taking the blame.

  3. Ugg, I recently found a 4-5ish year old playing by themselves on a sidewalk eating flowers and I decided to find his parents to make sure that he didn’t just wander away. When I went over to his house (he pointed to which one) I saw his dad in the backyard and so I introduced myself to make sure that was indeed the right house and he was just super pissed. I geuss he knew where the kid was playing and didn’t like that I got involved. I felt like a criminal but I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t missing :/ Parents are crazy.

  4. The father and his accomplices should all be arrested. Even if the guy was a potential kidnapper you should call out to your child. They jumped him without even confirming what was going on.

  5. I remember reading an AskReddit thread a while back, something about “Redditors from Asian countries, what is the strangest/most surprising thing about America?” and to me the most interesting response was from a (I think) Japanese man who observed that men are completely mistrusted with children in America. It was apparently really foreign to him, because fatherhood looks very different in many Asian countries apparently (I’m assuming men are more engaged in childcare, etc.).

    I think about that response when I see stories like this. Like, notwithstanding the father’s irresponsibility here, I find it telling that his first response when he sees a man trying to help his child is violence, which presumably stems from that same virulent mistrust of men with children noted by the Redditor in the thread I mentioned. I imagine this story would have unfolded very differently if a woman had helped this father’s child.

  6. I’ve literally run away from a little girl in a Macy’s at the mall once. She wanted to give me a hug, I didn’t see any parents or anybody watching her, and she was very intent on giving me a hug. I jogged away from her to the front registers where I explained to some very bemused employees eyeing me suspiciously that I was being followed by an unaccompanied minor. It was an upsetting situation because nobody treated the situation with any sense of urgency, or took responsibility for watching the girl while somebody tracked down the parents.

    When I was younger, if I came across an unaccompanied minor who was lost, I’d take their hand and walk with them to somebody who could help like a police officer or a store employee and stay with them until an adult took responsibility.

    Now, as I look male (I am), I’m very rightfully scared of insane parents like these.

    I really wish people felt the same cold shiver run down their spine when they saw their niece walk out of their kid’s room in the middle of the night and nervously say she was getting them some water as they do when they see some random stranger get within 20 meters of their pride and joy. If anybody’s gonna rape your kid, it’s gonna be your relatives by a wide margin.

  7. Story Time:

    I’ve been challenged and threatened while at a park with my own children when they were younger. I was sitting on the bench watching them play when a group of women came up and started yelling at me because I was a lone man watching some kids play at the playground.

    Even after pointing out my kids, one of them was still yelling at me and threatening to call the cops. Finally, my kids come over and one of these ladies tries to block them from getting to me.

    No where in here does anyone think, hey this is a good father to come hang out at the park with his children. (Note: I’m a decent looking guy and not a ‘creeper by any means’)

    Finally, I get sick of this and call the cops myself. I’m less than a mile from home and know several of the officers in the area fairly well and even a city councilman or two.

    It isn’t until a couple officers show up and start asking if I want to press assault/harassment charges do these ladies calm down.

    It’s now been a few years and I’ve encountered these same ladies on other occasions. They no longer bother me, but if I show up at a park even with my wife there, they leave immediately with glaring looks in my direction.

    On a side: I do know one of their husbands now and he has apologized profusely.

    TLDR: Been accused of trying to abduct my own children before.

  8. even if you saw your child with a stranger, i dont think you should straight out just jump him, a simple grab and pick up your child and question the stranger would of suffice but nah that dudes a savage.

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  10. Damage done in many respects. A number of years back I seen an alcoholic family blame an individual of ‘messing with their kid’. The kid had fallen from her bike, and the socially awkward guy who normally avoids people went all out to bring her home. He got a hiding from the father. Police got involved to realise the guy had done nothing. The guy didn’t press any charges, putting it down to a misunderstanding. Didn’t take long for the damage to become apparent when he got fired from his job at a local convenient store – they of course didn’t want somebody who was accused of ‘messing’ with kids working in the store but they blamed his unpleasant appearance after the beatings as part of the reason. Didn’t take long for him to end up out of his house after the landlord got a tip he was messing with kids. Neighbours hated him after it, people spitting from cars etc. The family continued on their narrative he was messing with kids; easier at that point rather than having to explain yourself. Nobody really gave a shit whether the guy was innocent or not, he had that ‘look’ so was easy to hate on. Meaningless really. And it no doubt really fucked up the guys trust in people.

    Fun fact: The same father while drunk driving ploughed through a group of people at a crosswalk leaving many with life long injuries. He has an illness though, the community were sympathetic. He is good fun in the bar like.

  11. Sue that punk bastard into the poorhouse.

    He wants to hind behind that bohunk “tryin to protect muh child” shit in hopes that he can toss the other guy under the buss.

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  13. “After the incident, family members and friends of the family of the child took to social media and shared the Good Samaritan’s photo, Facebook page and his business, calling him a child predator.”

    These people are just plain evil.

  14. So a month ago. I went to a suburb of Minneapolis to play poker at a friend’s apartment. While on the third floor I saw a little girl walking by herself in the middle of the road. She waved and I asked where her family was. Confused she said her mother was one way and brother the other. She looked very lost. It was a 10 min period and nobody was calling for her. I went to the ground floor because I wanted to watch if any vehicles approached. An obese woman was also watching but it was difficult for her to move. The little girl walked back the way she came with her finger in her mouth waved and slowly walked. I went to the road to watch her once she got 50 ft away. She turned and saw me and decided to come back. She was four. Didn’t live in the area. Her mom she thought was one way and her brother was up a hill. I told her let’s find her brother. I kept 15 ft between us. We went up a hill and there was a basketball court with four people. Three were 12ish and and 30-40 year old stupid looking fucker. I asked which one was Austin (her brother) and none responded. Turned out the older guy (who responded like a burnout) was Austin but wasn’t her brother. Without raising my voice to anger but sternly (I didn’t want the girl to be frighten) that she was walking by herself in the street and could of easily been hit by a vehicle. All he responded was “okay thanks” my thought was the dude was the moms trashy bf/hookup and he was supposed to keep track of her. He probably expected the girl to sit and watch him play basketball. I went back to the apartment. Told my buds, and the former marine went with me to make sure this idiot wasn’t playing basketball. He was leading the child (hopfully) back to an apartment. This girl walked a good 800ft out of sight down a hill and nobody knew she was gone. I was so upset. I wanted to comfort this girl but couldn’t because I didn’t want someone to see me pick up a lost child. Kids love me, I’m always watching customers kids while their parents try on running shoes. Makes me so mad sorry for the rant.

  15. For anyone curious on how to handle a situation like this good samaritan found himself in, DO NOT TOUCH THE KID. At all. Tell the kid to follow you while you look for their parent or lead them to police/security/help desk. As soon as you take away the kids freedom to escape its going to start looking bad. As much as it sucks to have to live in a world like that its the best compromise for everyones safety. If the kid is paralyzed with fear you tell them you’ll wait with them until their parents arrive and you sit down near by. If you can call security or something do that.

  16. THIS is why men feel unsafe and unwanted around kids. If a woman had found the kid, do you think the dad would have attacked the woman? Hell no.

    Fuck this shit

  17. Man should sue the fucktard. Who plays softball while 2 year old is on the loose? Father should be sued and examined by ccs. And then give the guy oral to make up for it. What a shit parent.

  18. Honestly, with the way society acts, I’m afraid to have kids.

    Take my daughter to the park and suddenly I’m a creep. Or when she’s a teenager, we go to the mall and suddenly sugar daddy is buying his underage girlfriend clothes.

    I’ve heard so many stories of this shit happening. Fuck people.

  19. If you are ever in the situation were you find a lost child the best thing you can do is to shout out that you found a lost child. Best to avoid any situation like this from happening.

  20. This is why you never ever approach a child as a man. Sad this is what society has become but apparently, the media has made men out to be these child raping monsters – when in reality most sexual abuse of children is done but their very own family members.

  21. I wouldn’t jump to conclusions. How do we know that the father is not right here? Maybe the guy just got caught and that was his story -“that he was just trying to help”

  22. This sucks so bad. The priority here is the child, of course, and part of me want’s to say “fuck society and the fucktards who think this way. I’m helping a lost kid no matter what.” However, I’m a full-time, single parent myself so I have my own kids to worry about. God forbid I end up in some trouble for trying to help a kids and my own kids end up without their dad. Worst case scenario, I know, probably wouldn’t happen, but there it is. I fucking hate that I have to think that way. As a single parent, I’d want someone to help my kid.

  23. Unfortunately since the “era of child protectionism” began in the late 90’s. Many men, especially single men, will avoid kids at all costs. I as a single man refuse to be any where near kids if I am not in a group of adults. It is sad that this has to be like this but parents can really only blame themselves. The whole twist in this odd story is that children are almost always molested by their Father or other family members and not a random stranger.

  24. That’s the reason I don’t help kids. I know I’m a bad person for it, but I don’t really care. Better than prison, a beating, and/or at the very least, a ruined reputation. This guy was lucky to be cleared.


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