mukbangers PRETEND to eat?! accused of spitting out their food

mukbangers PRETEND to eat?! accused of spitting out their food

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nikocado avocado

meesh la

trisha paytas & shane dawson

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  1. Nico phuked his channel with his programmed totally out of place dramas, he turned a toxic type audience so they probably use every pretext. Mukbang should be genuine social (not even mandatory, some ppl just want to see other ppl eat) or programmed dramas to increase views. The second youtuber dsnt seems so genuine, more a device for a pretty girl (just guessing, never saw her channel).

  2. Sas Asmr: got an innocent channel terminated
    Veronica wang: Same thing as sas but, getto
    Nikocado: dragging random people in unnecessary drama.
    Pink asmr: love her and he asmr but, sometimes her comment section is a mess because of sas.


    Hongyu asmr: Quality is amazing and she never got into drama. Eats all her food.
    Ddeonggae: Same as hongyu, Love him too.
    Meesh La: So positive and doesn’t go crazy when people think she doesn’t swallow her food.
    Shookbang: Shookbang wasn’t a mukbang channel but, they’re content was amazing and I’m sad to see them go.

    Tell me some other good mukbangers in the replies!

  3. *most of weebs: never gave food to anyone starving never donated a single penny
    Also weebs: OMG this YouTuber didn't showed prove that she swallow her food, what a shame I need receipts that she swallows

  4. I will start mukbang videos soon on my other channel, surely i will swallow all the food cause who’s not going to??? Like I LOVE FOOD

  5. no one

    Literally no one

    Internet users who aspect them to GGUULLLPPP there food so load that they can notice it from a mile away: YOU DIDNT SWALOW YOUR FOOD. UR SO BAD AT EATING IMA DISLIKE.

    Me: Toxic -_-


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