My 10 Must Have RV Gadgets

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In this video, I go through my 10 favorite RV gadgets. These are items I feel for me, must haves.

If, for some reason I had to get a new RV and start over these are the gadgets I would definitely want to replace.

Links to products mentioned in the video (Note: most are Amazon affiliate links)

Screen Door Bar –
Twist-On Waste Valve –
Roof Vent Covers –
Roof Gutter Drip Extenders –
Water Regulator –
Stabilizer Jack Socket –
Awning Protection Ball –
EMS Surge Protector –
Storage Bay Locks –
Rubber Wheel Chocks –

All products were purchased by myself except for the storage locks which were sent out free of charge for a review.

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Comment (30)

  1. I've only watched 5 or 6 of your vlogs so far, but I must say I like all I've seen a great deal. Great easy going presentation and very informative. I subbed after the first video. Thank you for everything you do to share your experiences.

  2. Your 10 tips here were very easy to follow and great suggestions. I added one (more expensive but very comforting) below

    I bought a Lippert Components 328492 Flex Air Pin Box – Long Jaw – which is a great product to eliminate much of the clanking, jerking and issues with hitting bumps on the road.

    I have a short bed so it has a sliding "saddle" which adds to the problems. This pin box has three major components to help with road problems. Their customer service staff has been wonderful to answer emails and my questions before I ordered it.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Good info for sure. You asked for more ideas. I replaced my 120V outlet with one that has two USB plugs on it as well. I also added a couple of 12V sockets that have USB plugs.

  4. Got the Grab bar for the screen door. Yup Must have nice to be able to just grab the bar instead of the door itself. Thanks for showing it !!

  5. This is great, I really appreciate your info Ray! I have no experience but i'm very interested in living in a mobile home. I'm giving it 3 years to save the money and learn what I can before I go, and people like you are helping me focus on the important things. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ray! Thank you for sharing this with all of us. My husband and I just purchased our first camper and can use all the tips in the world. Your info is clear and so much easier to understand. I don't understand much about tools but the grab bar was quite simple and a brilliant idea! Very informative! Passing on to my husband! Thanks again!

  7. 😀 your video was such a pleasure to watch, you and your poochie Angie are so sweet, it was very informative and fun, thank you.

  8. I think your Line / Load are wired backwards on your surge protector. Looks like you got incoming going to Load and the outgoing on the Line side.

  9. Ray,

    I noticed around 8 minutes in you don't have a slide topper. Is that because you might find yourself in some high wind areas, like on the beach? For me a slide topper is definitely in my top 10, but I am a woods camper, and am not one for the beach.

    PS yours is one of my favorite channels for RV things. Helps me get my "fix" when my trailer is stored for the winter, as it is now.

  10. TY…you're generous with your information and you're clear and to the point. TY, TY!. Sometimes when trying to learn something about rving..I feel like I want to pull my hair out because people can take so long to get to the point going off on so many tangents and annoyingly being fake cutsey
    My time is valuable and when I watch a video to get information..that's what I want TY again#

  11. I seen a video of a woman who some how got one of those plastic wheel stops stuck to her tire. It then tore up her trailer and became seriously stuck in her wheel well. Actually pushed the thing into her trailer. Great video. Thanks


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