My dad has never been more disappointed in me

My dad has never been more disappointed in me

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  1. Wants to do something he knows paren’t won’t like

    – Parent encourages prudence, suggests YouTube-ing while staying in school as a fallback

    Nah, school sucks

    – Parent gets impatient, says that more traditional sources of income would be preferable


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  2. Well, it really depends on if youtube guy is making money or not.

    Making money, can support yourself? Fine, have at it.

    Not making money, I have to support you, and you won’t go get a job that makes money? Go fuck yourself and get a real job.

  3. using the actual, real concern that your father has for you in doing well and succeeding with your life as a punchline seems a little concerning, to be honest.
    and reacting to your dads attempts to understand and reason with you by just memeing at him seems like youre just acting like a shithead for the camera.
    not a good look, bud

  4. Wtf he has only made four videos in the last year!? if he’s doing this full-time he’s doing a pretty half assed job with it. Most successful YouTubers work their fucking asses off and produce regular content.

  5. Am I the only one who feels like this was staged so he can make a fresh YouTube Video? Everyone has all these wise words and opinions on what he should do but I do not think it was meant to be taken seriously.

  6. I disagree with this thread entirely. If it’s his passion and he’s clearly really good at it, go for it. His age is definitely the time to take a risk like trying to make it on youtube.

    Also 4 videos posted all of which got a ton of views… he’s off to a great start.

  7. Honestly, he’s talented enough to be a good youtube.. he’s just too unattractive. I don’t wanna see that face on a video. It’s sad but true.

    If he was better looking, he would be pushing 300k subs by now with the content he makes. If he was female, several million.

  8. “It’s my passion. I do it for the subscribers. For the fans.”

    I can’t describe it very well but something about the look in his eyes says he can’t think past maybe 2 days into the future.

  9. I’m 23, make more than twice what my dad did raising me, and I hate life. I’m quitting so I can move back home where people care about me and I can go back to being creative. The job I’m gonna get is just a job. If you don’t live outside of work, you will not be happy.

  10. Since this post is blowing up more than the other one, here is a c&p of [my comment](

    You can see in some of his videos ([TP]( & [Date]( that he has a poster on his wall titled [*The Traits of Virality*]( From what I understand, this is one of the lessons from Jumpcut’s [Viral Academy](, which aims to provide:

    >A step-by-step course that teaches you how to start a successful YouTube channel and grow it into a full-time income.

    Jumpcut is run (possibly founded?) by Kong and Jesse from the channel [Simple Pickup](, a YouTube channel dedicated to picking up women (I’m pretty sure this is an OG YouTube channel, as I used to watch it in my early teens). It looks like Jumpcut is where viral fanboys want to go to become online celebrities, and I think this Ben guy has probably completed that course and is active in the Jumpcut alumni community. Here’s where my conspiracy theory gets weird…

    Remember the [‘flipping dildos’ guy/guys]( who went viral for flipping a dildo as a ‘0 Subscriber Special’? Well, their latest video features none other than… [Ben]( My theory is that Ben and the dildo guys were both alumni from Jumpcut and both managed to use the skills they learned to go viral. Once the dildo guys reached a certain level of fame, they gave a very obvious shoutout to Ben.

    This whole ‘buying viral celebrity status’ really makes me wonder how organic viral videos and rising YouTube celebrities really are. Is it all some artificial game that we don’t see or hear about, but are the players in? How many other YouTubers have bought their way into fame? Is the narrative of the ‘humble beginnings’ YouTuber really true when the YouTuber paid their way into this game?

    Sorry for the rant, I really need to do something better with my time than investigating this sorta shit.

    **TL;DR: My theory is that Ben and the dildo flippers bought their way into YouTube fame**

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  12. His dad is right but he should put it in a different way if he wants to sell it to his son. “Benjamin i know that you love this and that it is your passion and i encourage you to follow your dreams but i believe that you must think about the possibility of this failing and needing another job. If you continue your studies you will always be able to survive and continue your passion even when times are hard. If you go full time on youtube and suddenly it’s maybe not working like it should anymore, then you may have problems finding a good job. Employers don’t like to see that you were not employed for a long time.” Also I can tell anybody that if you do your own stuff for some years that you will unlearn how real workplaces work and at what speed some people work.

  13. This would have been a good idea when YouTube was in its peak. But at the moment it’s basically a clusterfuck and incredibly hard to get viewers or make money. Hell the whole advertiser issue is still going on.

    As for the people bitching at the dude who plays in a band. Let the guy enjoy his life, he’s not affecting yours and really who’s to say that he’s not saving money on the side and investing in his craft. There are no jobs that are a gurantee, and most that try to act like it. End up being miserable and depressing. Plus with the music, he still has other options like learning how to market his image, be a manager and other such things.


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