Natalie Portman’s Favorite Home Cooked Dinner

Oscar-winning actress Natalie Portman makes us one of her vegan staples.

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  1. dammmmmn add some onions in there first before the garlic. use crushed tomatoes for gods sake and add some cumin lord have mercy. use brown rice if youre all about being healthy. geez. move over and let a real cook do this shit

  2. this is amazing. I completely agree and I think I huge part of the problem is convenience for people. if you go into a store and there are very few to none vege options then even someone who doesn't want to eat meat might grab and chicken sandwich esp if they are in a hurry.
    I propose more of these kinds of recipe education videos, cookbooks, classes in school and getting way more vege/vegan option that are nutritious and tasty into supermarkets, school, restaurants. and if the meat options just aren't there then people will buy the vege stuff …I love animals and it is unacceptable that they are being murdered unnecessarily.

  3. It looks nice enough. What's she basically making is a tomato sauce (where the zucchini's moisture stops the garlic from burning in the place of diced onion) with some extras in it. My only thoughts would be add more water, cook for about double the time you did, and maybe add some soft leaves at the end. Like parsley. It is a stew, ideally your vegetables will be soft and coated in thick sauce.

    Again, my thoughts.

  4. Before i read that canned tomatos are bad for health and cancegoren. This looks deliciois but i wonder eating canned peas and tomatos would be healthy? And avacados are imported and prayed with chemicalies so i wonder we cant even become vegeterian and vegan because we have cucambers and cukini and veggies only from june to september and rest year its all plastic taste with injections and unhealthy so need stuck to potato and meat.. or need movie to some country where all time summer and organic salad, veggies and fruits are..


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