“Oi, mate! Check out the eyebrows on her”

“Oi, mate! Check out the eyebrows on her”

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  1. Oh…. my…. gosh…… This is the same thing I’ve been saying for years and years. When did eyebrows become a thing that had to be shaped perfectly? I don’t remember when or why it happened. And whenever I express the opinion that women should leave their eyebrows alone, I’m downvoted into oblivion.

  2. This is funny, but thanks to McKenna from Tucker, and Cara Delevingne from… Fashion. I totally have a dark eyebrow blonde hair preference.

    So I genuinely do notice eyebrows of women.

  3. God’s honest truth here… Guys. Don’t. Care.

    I could be anywhere from staring dreamily into your eyes under the shadow of the Great Furry Wall, all the way to hot, sweaty, frantic, filthy sex with the sweat dripping everywhere except the eyes due to the unibrow. It’s all good.


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