One Piece – sanji cook demonstration

English subtitle. From G-8 accident (filler). I don’t own this, One Piece is belong to Eichiro Oda

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  1. Me Talkong to my Friend: So people always go on about the "unstoppable force vs. the immovable object" right?
    Him: Yeah so?
    Me: There must be other irresistible force paradox's right?
    Him: Well name one!
    Me: Challenge Accepted
    So what would happen when the irresistible cooking which came from the best cook, meet with the most angry, specific critic?
    Him: So basically, what if Sanji meet Gordon Ramsey?
    Me: Crickets Chirp

  2. 4:36 "Navarone's cooking is nothing like the LUXURIOUS cooking TOP OFFICIALS eat." WRONG !!! These are what the CREW of the NEXT PIRATE KING is eating everyday !!! MUAHAHAHAHA

  3. This ladies and gentlemen is how you craft fantastic filler. It makes sense of the character. In the case of Sanji, wasting food of any kind is a big sin. We know this especially given the Barate arc where he cided by Zeff and upon facing starvation, realized the value of wasting food. And in particular, with the current arc; this scene is even more impactful because of who Sanji is. Overall, G-8 arc is a great story arc in that it respects what the characters are and was genuinely well written.


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