OXLEY’S – the finest outdoor furniture in the world.

Oxley’s have been producing the finest quality cast aluminium and fabricated aluminium furniture in our Cotswold factory for 20 years.. At a time when very little is made to last we were determined to do something different and make products that would outlast their owners. We started by re-launching traditional English furniture designs from the 18th Century but have since introduced more and more contemporary designs to broaden our range. We are very proud that our furniture sells all over the world.
Since we began hand manufacturing, the fashion in garden furniture has gone through plastic, through teak and into plastic weave furniture and latterly a combination of many different materials including stainless steel. We have determinedly continued to use only the highest specification aluminium. Quite simply it is the best material available for our purpose – making maintenance free all weather furniture to last generations.
Made to order in a choice of 16 colours, our furniture is available in 8 design styles, most classic but some contemporary. It is the best Garden furniture available and you will never regret your investment in Oxley’s.

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