Paladins Battlegrounds

Paladins Battlegrounds

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  1. Gonna be interesting to see where radical heights ends up. Not gonna touch it with a 10 foot pole, but I do want to watch it to see if it ends up as another lawbreakers, or if Bosskey/CliffyB manages to somewhat redeem themselves.

  2. Paladins Battlegrounds ripped off Fortnite, while Fortine ripped off PUBG. But PUBG was a rip off of H1Z1 which was a rip off of Minecraft battle royale mods. And everyone knows Minecraft is basically a Lego rip off. So this is basically a Lego game.

    Edit: Since you guys are kinda dense: it was a joke. I thought saying this game was basically Lego would make it clear, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

  3. As someone who enjoys Dunkey’s videos, but is clueless about the gaming industry I have no idea what’s going on here. Did he just switch the names? Is everything he’s saying actually the opposite of how it is? Can someone please explain? Thank you.

  4. Meh. I say this with some degree of regret, but I -really- would advise not supporting hi-rez. They’ve been dropping the ball on quality, management, and business practices pretty hard lately. And I say this despite the fact that I fucking love Smite.

    Smite goes through periods of up to months of UI/gameplay bugs. There have been problems with them stiffing their professional players on winnings up until the community gets in an uproar about it. They almost cut out last SWC’s champions before the finals (in which they were the underdog, again; community had to fight for them) in order to make room for a “streamer based” organization. And then balance issues. If somethings broken to the point of not being fun, don’t expect it to be fixed within a few weeks.

    Paladins almost went EXTREME pay to win in a very unacceptable way and it took huge backlash from the community to convince them to not go through with it. I hear even now there’s a few unacceptable practices they’re rolling out.

    In short, the companies not great. I’m not sure they’re malicious by any means, but the decision making in there is clearly undermined by immature and obsessively greedy management. Not to mention (this is unbacked but i have a sneaking suspicion) Fortnite seems to be killing the player base so matches are all over the place right now in both games.

  5. At first paladins was just a game in the same style as Overwatch, it copied nothing. Then they added play of the game, then they copied characters, now they fucking made a carbon copy of fortnite.

    Hi-Rez was an awesome company that made Tribes, one of the best fps games. Then they made Smite, which was fun as fuck, but they realized they could milk their games with shitty lootboxes and limited skins and forgot about the gameplay.

    In short, Hi-Rez is lead by some fucking retards.

  6. Anyone who didn’t expect the market to become completely littered with Battle Royale games by 2020 doesn’t pay enough attention. One very successful MOBA launched how many more? One very successful digital card game launched how many more? It’s the way of things.

    Battle Royale is a genre now. Expect every money-printing franchise to go all-in with it. Expect a Star Wars Battlefront battle royale sometime in the next couple holiday seasons. Expect an Assassin’s Creed battle royale. For fucks sake, the next Tomb Raider will probably have one.

  7. I’ve always thought ripoffs were more in the same category as counterfeits. Like, you’re paying for something you expect to be A but instead get B made up to look like A. Maybe this is just a BR game that’s drawn cartoony so it can get decent frames, coz it’s not on UE4. So there’s reasonable explanation to be found you guys.

    ^…but ^the ^piñatas ^tho.


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