Pasta Fazool Recipe

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  1. I’ve only ever had this one time, I was sick with cancer in the hospital over 11 years ago now and my nana made this for me, she’s wicked Italian. I just had a dream and she was there and I asked her how to make it and she didn’t tell me lol well here I am learning to make it while she’s in heaven💓

  2. Pasta “fazool” is an ignorant uneducated ridiculous bastardized pronunciation of E Fagioli. Anytime dumb “Italians” insist on saying shit like “prazhoot” (prosciutto) or “galamar” (calamari), I have to laugh at the absurdity because NO REAL ITALIAN FROM ITALY would be caught dead uttering such nonsense, and if you go there and talk that way, you’re gonna be laughed at. I’m Italian and my family would kill me if I said “mozzarell” lmao too maybe idiots who saw Godfather

  3. If I can jump through the screen and kiss you I would.
    This is super simple and it taste like grandmas cooking.
    Only thing the video should of detailed is how much pasta to use. I used a half of box. But I should of did a handful at a time

  4. Hey I tried your recipe I added one cup of the delete not too bad but I wish you would learn how to speak can understand what you're saying what country are you from

  5. This is the Pasta  Fagioli  that I am used to eating.     not that runny  tomato  mess that some  people make that taste like Crappy minestrone and beans YUK !!!!!!   This Recipe looks Great

  6. Ok, I tried your recipe. Very good!

    I cooked it with the rind from a parmigiano-reggiano. It added some flavor but adding two table spoons of grated cheese just as the pot comes off the stove adds more.

    Its best to have it a bit thin on the stove, because when it comes off it gets much thicker.

    I am certainly going to make this again!


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