PE Teacher helps little girl with disability to join the dance

PE Teacher helps little girl with disability to join the dance

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  1. It’s so strange how different things can be in different cultures.

    I remember when I was about this age we had a dance class once in PE. No one wanted to do it, barely tried and were embarrassed. These kids are super into it though

  2. As a former PE teacher, and current ESL teacher, this makes me really happy. What a great thing for that teacher to do! I was a bit concerned about the little girl’s legs being pulled too far apart, possibly doing ligament damage. Others here mentioned that that’s not a homemade apparatus that he used, although it sure looks like one. The system could use a strap or something to limit how far the wearer can spread his or her legs while using it. Just a minor observation. Great post OP. My only regret is that I have but one upvote to give.

  3. I HATE streamable. ALWAYS blows my ears out.

    But the complete opposite for the contents of the video, Such a awesome thing for him todo, and you can tell she is loving it.

  4. As a parent my self I can only imagine how unbelievably happy her parents must have been just seeing her dancing and having fun.
    Nothing will ever beat the feeling I get when I see my kid smiling and having fun.

  5. Oh, ouch….so many feels. So many tears. Not only for the magnificent teacher, and for the joy on the little one’s face, but for the generous classmates who danced along with her. I grew up in a generation when it was socially acceptable to denigrate and make fun of the handicapped k. We’ve come a long way.

  6. Kids forget. A lot. This seems to big a big moment she won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Probably made her parents have the greatest day you could imagine. Great teacher.

    Kids are cool


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