Reporter plays up the hurricane while two dudes casually walk in the background

Reporter plays up the hurricane while two dudes casually walk in the background

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  1. This is why I don’t trust the news with extreme weather until it happens or I can see conclusive evidence. All week the reporters were saying how this could be one of the worst hurricanes in a long time and that it was going to be Category 4 and it hit land today at Category 1. Like wtf. They are so wrong.

  2. Folks, as someone who has worked in the TV/video news business, I hate to tell you: just about everything you see on TV is framed or exaggerated in a specific way to make it fit the point that the reporter is trying to make. Weather coverage is, by far, the worst example of this.

  3. One of the CNN reporters literally thrust his microphone into the wind today and said, “If this sounds dramatic, that’s because it is.” Dude, a breeze on a microphone sounds awful and loud. Who do you think you’re fooling?

  4. This is why I don’t even bother watching TV anymore. I read my local paper for local news and seek trust worth websites for my regional/national/world news.

    Absolutely pathetic.

  5. While people are saying he is leaning in the wrong direction, I think he is actually leaning in the right, sensible, direction. If you think about it, you wouldn’t want to face against the rain and wind when your reporting if not it will all just get into your eyes and the mic, so instead you lean the same direction as the wind is blowing to use your body to shield your face and mic from the rain, and he stuck one foot out to prevent himself from getting push forward. So in actual fact I’d give his acting 9/10

  6. “We’re also reporting cases of rapes and murders amoung the town!”

    “You’ve seen people being raped and murdered?”

    “No, we haven’t seen any of that, we’re just reporting it.”

  7. This is how they justify those mandatory evacuations. Storms are never as strong as they claim by the media and the government. Saving face and proving their forecast was accurate is more important than honest reporting.

  8. Should be fired for this type of thing. There are legit weather reporters who risk their lives to report on the strongest hurricanes we have ever had. Then you have this dick pretending the storm is stronger than it is. Fake news.

  9. Holy shit the camera guy is not having it! Those two guys come walking, he zooms out to include them. Then at 0:42 reporter picks up a piece of wood and chucks it to demonstrate… something and the the camera guy audibly huffs a laugh!!!

  10. So, I have to pay attention to the wind for the job I work. I don’t know if the numbers at the top left are in fact what the reporter is currently experiencing, but it is definitely not enough to cause that kind of trouble he is pretending to have.


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