Road Rage in Long Island

Road Rage in Long Island

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  1. So SUV cuts off the sedan exiting, sedan retaliates by going around SUV and brake checking. SUV rear ends sedan in a crappy maneuver to get around and drive away. Sedan pits SUV.

    Yup, this should be fun to explain to the cops.

  2. Yup, not surprised at all. Long Island is freaking nuts. People there are pretty crazy. It’s one of the most un-chill places I have ever had the pleasure of spending much time.

  3. what an inconsiderate asshole. How can someone have so little regards for others? how can they consider the consequences of what they do? what kind of jerk stops recording so soon?

  4. Don’t just blame the driver. Blame Robert Moses’ racism for making some of the most insanely short ramps (and low tunnels) a major highway will ever have because he didn’t want black people going to the beach on city buses.


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