Scammers, I have come to bargain! – Call Flooder

Scammers, I have come to bargain! – Call Flooder

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  1. Great strategy with the “[pause] Hello? [pause]” to tie up each call for a few extra seconds.

    Second half is the best, once they all get fed up with it and know what’s coming.

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  4. /u/YesItWasDataMined is the programmer. He’s a lot like batman, the hero we need, not the hero we deserve.

    I’d love to see a video where he takes the clips he’s recorded of the scammers cursing at him and play them back to them.

  5. If I was him, I’d request that people send three mp3 files.

    “Hello is this the IRS?”

    “I got a call that I owe money?”

    “how much do I owe?”

    Then hit them with “Scammers I’ve come to bargain.”

    Make them spend as much time as possible on the phone.

    Edit: Actually it should be 4. Let people customize the “Scammers I’ve come to bargain” which will really screw if they keep different messages. They might think a whole group is coming after them.

  6. yah i did the same thing the other month, and i’ve been getting these random calls from the “IRS” and they are so BOLD…at first i was really scared but then basic google search revealed they are a scam. PROPS TO OP! i want to flood them too, how do i get the software?

  7. every single time i tried calling these types back the number doesnt get connected it just hangs up.. my mom almost fell for this bullshit.. so how does this guy call them back?

  8. I can record something in hindi and send it over too.

    I’ll probably have to ask some of my marathi versions of hill billy type if they know someone who works there and get me a rough location. Last time the police pulled someone they were from mumbai, and these ones seems to be the same case.

  9. I do not understand why this is not open sourced for all to use, sure it could be abused but I have to think that hundreds of users would be more effective than the current 1 user. May also lead to more effective better priced options allowing for even more users.

  10. Probably a stupid question. But why don’t regulators do something like this? It seems to be a logical idea if multiple people are being called by the same numbers, just do this?

  11. So how exactly is someone able to initiate so many instances of telephony with a script? Would they require hundreds of voip accounts or something? Or is there something like Amazon EC2 for phone lines?

  12. How long does he do this for? It’s pretty pointless if he only did it for a few minutes.. Or does he do it for several hours? Is he doing these videos to show off? or is he actually doing something about scammers? Otherwise this would be pointless. My point is, if he wants to really fuck over call centers, he needs to do this off and on to a particular call center over the course of weeks hardcore non stop. He could even expand, and do this on several computers and do it to several call centers at at time off and on over the course of weeks. It would be glorious and actually accomplish something great other then short videos for laughs.

  13. It’s too bad phone companies don’t use their wealth of money and simply update these numbers as blocked or give their clients country blocking options. So hazel who has never made a call outside of Canada in her 80 years on this planet – maybe block the whole damn world for her. Route call to a operator who would call her and ask permission to accept. And if these are local would get flagged each day and blocked to all……. food for thought.


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