So much WTF it almost hurts.

So much WTF it almost hurts.

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  1. Sure I could come up with a deeper artistic meaning behind this that if explained the right way could make this performance genius. But I could also do the same thing for a piece of dookie I dropped out of my ass so yea.

  2. Maybe it’s a parody about how we humans are sheeple. We follow dumbly behind ideas that obviously harm us… how stupid do we think sheep are?….. people are sheep?

  3. With videos like this I like to imagine the next day for these people. Just a normal day for them, perhaps a colleague of mine. Waking up, putting on a suit, coming to the office. “Yeh Joe, what you get up to this weekend?” “Dressed as a sheep and pretended to be in a pen during a wolf attack”


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