Some people just can’t do needles.

Some people just can’t do needles.

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  1. This would probably be me. I don’t do well with needles at all. Getting my blood taken if I’m not laying down flat I’ll get woozy and nauseated, sweat starts pouring out, my skin starts turning white basically. It’s not good, though i’ve yet to actually pass out, people will see my reaction and stop before it gets to that point. Laying down seems to fix it.

    Watching needles isn’t much better. It’s the one thing if I’m watching a movie and there is a needle, I’ll look away or close my eyes, I just can’t do it.

  2. Man, I know that feeling. I get an infusion of IV drugs every 8 weeks and if the nurse messes up the insertion of the IV in any way, I get an instant vasovagal response. Today the nurse missed my vein and had to move the needle around under my skin to find it and puncture it. I started getting dizzy and lightheaded but thankfully I was already sitting.

  3. Why is it taking the piercer so long to complete that piercing? She probably lost her jewelry-needle connection and was fishing around trying to find the exit hole. That’s probably why homegirl passed out!
    I do navel piercings in about 5 seconds. It’s one of the easiest piercings to do.
    I guess there really is no way of knowing which of the people in the room will pass out, haha. I try to make it known that if anyone feels dizzy or lightheaded, to let me know right away, so this can be avoided.

  4. Pretty funny, brings back memories of when I was younger I went with this chick to get her nipples pierced and she passed out with the piercing needle in her nipple. In her defense the piercing chick seemed to be taking a really long time. My best friend is a tattoo artist and he tells me all kinds of stories about guys coming in and getting the stencil put on walking over to look at it in the mirror and fainting.

  5. Lol, aw this brings back memories. I’ve done this a million times. It’s to the point now where when I felt a pop in my neck I fainted and when the ambulance came to get me I told the EMT that I would faint if she stuck that needle in my arm and she did it anyways and I fainted. Last thing I heard in the ambulance was “IM LOSING HIM!!” No bitch I told you so. . . . . First time was when I was 5 and I saw my mom get blood drawn.

  6. Passing out is the weirdest thing ever, I’ve passed out both times I’ve had something pierced and I’m not even sure why, it doesn’t hurt as bad as most injuries I’ve gotten, I’m not scared of needles, I just get pierced get the jewelry set and then I’m dreaming about something and before I even realize I’m dreaming I’ve got salts under my nose and I’m struggling to get away from them and this all feels like it happens within a split second.

  7. Pretty much the same, not bothered by the pain or the needle entering my body at any point. But just seeing it going into my body or seeing it just before it enters my body. Nap nap time.


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