Star Trek Voyager – 4k Title Sequence Recreation

Star Trek Voyager – 4k Title Sequence Recreation

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  1. Oh wow. I remember the night this aired. Our residence at university had a strong contingent of engineering and science geeks and we had pooled our money to get the cable package upgraded to get UPN. We made posters, had a potluck.. there were 100 of us crammed into a common room which normally held 20… this was epic.

  2. aaaand its the late 1990’s now I’m back sitting in my old den with my dad eating dinner having just watched the simpsons and some hercules and I have school in the morning but dads cool so he’s gonna let me stay up and watch some more UPN

  3. I think if Voyager was made 5-10 years after it did we’d have a show that would have more of an integrated story arc that I believe would have made the series better. Whereas Voyager was made in era of formulaic ‘monster of the week’ shows, with minimal continuity, and episodes could be presented out of order.

    But that 4K intro is a beautiful thing, that eclipsing starlight casts a beautiful shadow

  4. This was the first video I ever saw on a computer.
    It was in a glorious 240p .avi file in 1995.

    I had to watch it on my college roommate’s computer because my computer’s video card wan’t fast enough.

    I don’t remember the video player we were using or if were viewing it in the Netscape browser.

  5. What I wouldn’t give for a new Good Star Trek series. YAYAYA, I know they are making a new one but its destined to be less about Star Trek than about “Identity Politics” and I will likely hate the shit out of it as a result. Loved Kirk. Loved Picard. The rest, not so much.

  6. My god… In LIGHTWAVE and AE? Things have come a long way. The amount of detail and care in this is astounding. The lighting, the reflections off the ring. Just great work.


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