“Straight: It’s the new gay”

“Straight: It’s the new gay”

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  1. I was just thinking of this guy today when I was reading an article about a lady being offended by the fact that no-one wants to sit near her crying baby on an airplane. His bit about how being offended doesn’t do anything is spot on.

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  4. Interesting standup comedy fact: Jim Jefferies has made reference to a home invasion he suffered when he was living in England. This man, Steve Hughes, was his roommate at the time.

  5. There was a movie that came out in the late 90s / early 00s and it was about a society where gay was the status quo and this guy and girl were ostracized for liking each other… Really put things into perspective for me….

  6. There’s some truth to it. But in my experience, and I’m a 6ft6 straight man who spends too much time at the gym, there’s nothing harder than a drag queen. I used to be a bouncer, so I speak from experience.

    I’d walk through shit neighbourhoods at 4AM with my eyes down, be polite to the dealers and try not to draw attention. A drag queen will do it in a wedding dress and punch any muggers or dealers who harass them.

    These are often the poorest and most marginal people, who regularly get beat up, mugged or worse. It’s better now, but still a huge problem. Instead of lying down, they dust themselves off and go for a second round the next day.

    If you know a bit of your gay history, you’ll also know they were on the frontline in the Stonewall riots. They forced the police to retreat. When press coverage wasn’t good, they threatened to burn down the offices of the Village Voice.


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