Strange cold war era underground home in Las Vegas

Strange cold war era underground home in Las Vegas

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  1. You are supposed to hide the vents in apocalypse shelters. It keeps the survivors from finding your hiding spot.

    Edit: having said that…. really cool *bunker*.

  2. when buying a house you have to look past the easy to change stuff, like the kitchen.

    Its totally odd ball but if you want some where very private in that area then that is pretty dang cool. The way it feels kinda normal with the fake grass all around the house… its works

  3. It almost feels like the way a lot of map makers for mid-’90s FPS games would make “house” maps in engines not really meant for that kind of locale. Think Doom or Duke3D. They’d basically make a relatively small map with a skybox and mural-type walls to sorta fake being outside. It was about as convincing as this, but it was still fun.

  4. Feels very Fallout New Vegas, almost same era of kitschiness.

    That poor salesman though, you can tell behind his eyes he’s like “what the fuck have I gotten myself into.”

  5. This is our bunker where we totally didn’t kidnap an old artist from Texas, she lived here for three years, completely of her own will, in this un-creepy house-within-an-underground house! And she made these totally normal paintings! See what a normal life we lead? Look at the dance floor, we have fun!

  6. It seems unwise to have a barbecue in an enclosed underground space.

    You can’t exactly have an open air exchange with the outside world in the event of a nuclear apocalypse.

  7. its a neat gimmick. but very impractical for daily life and too expensive for the house your actually getting. the only thing this house is good for is Airbnb. and zombie apocalypse of course

  8. This was built by an Avon company Exec and he and his wife lived in the bunker year round as their full time house. they did go out like normal people, they just felt that if a war happened, they didn’t want to be caught out side the bunker at night or when they were living their normal lives or so they treated it like their home.

    I love it, wish i could do the same

  9. Man, imagine living down there for years if the cold war ever did happen. I feel like you’d start to go mad and tear away the fake painted landscapes, and the creepy painted animals would start to drive you insane

  10. I used to work right across the street from that house. It was for sale while I worked there and we called just because we were curious how much it was (everyone knew it had a huge underground area) and it was over a million dollars.

    Here it is in case anyone was wondering,+Las+Vegas,+NV+89119/@36.116745,-115.1278735,147m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x80c8c4e372b71909:0x96d241cda42c9ed3!8m2!3d36.116745!4d-115.127325

  11. I’ve replaced 8 of the Air Conditioners here within the last year. The new owner decorated the home with lots of 60/70’s era furniture and it looks a whole lot better than in the video.

  12. Paid some lady to paint the whole mural for roughly three years, stayed in the place for 2 years….all that time, probably free rent, and all I can think of is how quickly I’d paint over it and just setup a bunch of projectors to play nature videos on the walls.

    I mean if I can afford the underground house, why bother with a tacky three year commissioned mural? Seems like the painter took her time for free rent, likely got paid for it after it was finished too.

  13. Wait how does that make any sense as a fallout shelter/apocalypse house? Looks like it relies on way too much water and electricity to be practical in that kind of situation. I’m curious what the utilities are like behind it all and if you could actually survive down there without the grid.

  14. I like how this is basically a cold war nuke/zombie shelter, but the Real Estate guy is trying to upsell it as some type of luxury getaway at a bargain. Imagine the maintenance on a place like this. Still pretty cool though.

  15. If nuclear war happens I kind of follow the Joe Rogan philosophy.

    Why spend millions of dollars to try and survive the initial blasts so you can survive in a fallout like scenario where you are scavaging for and fighting for survival against ghouls and other tribes.

    I’d rather just be vaporized in the initial blasts than have to defend my family from roving bands of mad Max rapists every day.


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