Supra – Everything You Need to Know | Up To Speed

Supra – Everything You Need to Know | Up To Speed

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  1. Pssh . I learned everything I needed to know about supras from need for speed underground 2.

    This one in the video isn’t a real supra, it doesn’t have the proper sharp edged body kit, nor the signature underglow .

    This must be someone who just bought their supra and hasn’t taken it to the garage yet.

  2. broo am not actually into supras, but all I see these days is people putting a hell ton of horsepower in them, like 1000+ hp, but anyway cool video 😉

  3. I feel like this is more of an American thing? Supra’s, or that whole fast & furious fad was never really that much of a thing across the pond.

  4. Honda brought back the NSX, I guess Toyota wants to bring back the Supra, but their easy to mod engines were a huge selling point. If the new engine is difficult to work with then the car becomes moot. Well unless its super cheap and powerful.

  5. I’ve loved this car since I was a kid after having played gta 3 (It’s a weird path that led me there.) When i first played gta3 my favorite car was the yakuza stinger and at the time a friend convinced me that it was modeled after a mkIV supra. I bought gran turismo 3 a-spec because the cars on the box had spoilers on them and looked cool. The Supra was a beast in that game once i got used to the sim elements of the game.

    flash forward 10 years and I’ve built an arcade seat for playing gran turismo with a full steering and pedal setup and I’ve fallen in love with cars. I had printed pictures of the supra on my walls and I was always trolling for used supras that I’d never be able to afford…until one fateful day.

    I bought an old 87 mkIII and it was the best car I had ever driven in my entire life. I worked on it, drove the hell out of it, cruised in it with the top off, it genuinely was an astonishing car, and it was 21 years old! Unfortunately I was a broke young person who couldn’t afford to properly care for such an elderly vehicle. If i ever find myself stable enough I’d buy another one, maybe two, just to have that feeling again.

  6. There will never be another supra in the same way we will never have over built Japanese 90s cars again. Besides who would want to fork over 50-60k for performance they can buy for 30-40k at any ford, chevy or dodge dealership. Muscle cars don’t exist anymore since everyone has IRS, brembos, and big hp, these are just all sports cars now.

  7. Something people need to know about the 2JZ and the Supra, is that is was overengineered to begin with. Meaning for example, the stock 6-speed transmission, supplied by Getrag in Germany, can handle over 1000 wheel horsepower, even more depending on how you shift and treat it. That’s more than three times the stock power output.

    Moreover, the stock bottom end on the 2JZ (the pistons and connecting rods) have been proven to cope with also 1000 wheel horsepower. Maybe not very reliably at those levels, but still, there are extremely few cars, from the 90’s even, that can handle that much more power over the stock number and not break. You can still crank out 700-ish horsepower out of the stock block, and keep it relatively reliable. And all this from a somewhat cheap sportscar from the 90’s!

  8. Fire whoever had the bright idea to have those excessive cut aways. It was very annoying. More so because I genuinely wanted to see more of the actual car content. Couldn’t make it past a couple minutes.


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