A Craftsman’s Ballet

82 Introducing our short film ‘A Craftsman’s Ballet’, made for Dowel Jones, furniture design studio. “A Craftsman’s Ballet” follows the synchronised dance of three half chair stools. When the enchanted sounds grace the presence of the three chairs, the essence of Dowel Jones furniture is revealed through an uplifting and mysterious dance, thus being nothing […]

Back to Bits – Boy in Blue

Made this Megaman 3 tribute for Jerry Liu’s Back to Bits project! Finally took a stab at pixel animation for one of my favorite + super influential games from my childhood. Check out the rest of the contributions here! A lot of really fun stuff from super talented motion designers! http://backtobits.com/ Shout out to the […]

Lizzie and George – Rampage // Back To Bits

www.backtobits.com Back to Bits is a series of animations created by artists around the world that share a passion for video games. Created & Curated by Jerry Liu Co-produced with Angela Liu Website Developed by Peter Chi Music & Sound Design by Wesley Slover Website: www.oliversin.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/oliversin Instagram – www.instagram.com/oliversin88 Likes: 98 Viewed: 1632 […]

Modani Furniture – Explainer Video

6 Have you ever tried buying modern furniture from brand names, 
only to find you’d have to mortgage your house to afford it? Modani offers curated modern collections at a fraction of the going price, and you get to browse them online, or try them for yourself in a store near you.  
Make no more mistakes! […]

| Tutorial | – Playstation Nebula – Mograph e After Effects

Neste tutorial vamos aprender a fazer uma pequena peça de Motion, de 5 segundos de duração, focado no Playstation 4. Usamos o MoGraph, dois effectors (apenas) e um belo trabalho de materiais. Na verdade, o maior trabalho é mesmo ajustar o look final mais do que o motion em si. Durante quase uma hora de […]

Xbox One “Greatest Games”

Xbox One “Greatest Games” TV Commercial Coming off of the success of our “Jump Ahead” film for E3, Microsoft and Ayzenberg decided to reunite the band and create another hit. This time, we were challenged to build on the momentum generated by the original film and turn it into a rousing holiday spot– rallying gamers […]

Commercial – Furniture Animation

5 An furniture commercial created in 2011. Likes: 5 Viewed: 408


346 Thermostatic valves are sexy! But do you really know how to use them? Follow our trip through cool furnitures and fishbowls to answer all of your heating related questions. CLIENT: Ceresa STUDIO: ILLO COPYWRITING & CLIENT MANAGEMENT: Luca Gonnelli CREATIVE DIRECTION & ILLUSTRATION: Ilenia Notarangelo ILLUSTRATION: Cristina Pasquale ANIMATION: Nicholas Bertini VOICEOVER: Lara Parmiani […]


Directed & animated by Alexis Morand Music by Alexis Morand and James O’Connor Moneley I’ve always been a huge The Legend of Zelda fan, ever since I got a copy of Ocarina of Time way back in 1996, so I decided to make an animation/montage based on the series. It was really just a way […]

The Evolution of Video Games

The evolution of video games from 1977 to the present. Responsible for all visuals. Programs used: Maxon Cinema 4D Adobe After Effects Likes: 44 Viewed: 6231 source