Innovative Leisure: New Atari Games – Babycastles show curated by Ian Bogost

BABYCASTLES presents ‘INNOVATIVE LEISURE: NEW ATARI GAMES’, curated by IAN BOGOST. Opening of a new art games arcade at the all-ages music venue Death By Audio, showcasing the works of local & independent game developers. November 13, 2011 Jump to 01:30 People playing the games! 18:30 Talk from Ian Bogost moderated by Jesse Fuchs 49:35 […]


STAR RAIDERS. When Atari decided to re-release games from their back catalogue we created a web-based documentary series to support this. This series, called ‘Atari Classics,’ has each episode focusing on a specific classic Atari game title, featuring interviews with the original developers on how the game was made, as well as archive and commentary […]

David Lamkins on Early Atari 2600 Video Game Development –

David Lamkins, former Atari 2600 video game developer, gives his story on what it was like back in the early days of video game development. Known as part of the “Gang of Five”, he and four of his colleagues “defected” to work for Activision after working at Parker Brothers. With his involvement in Frogger, Spider-Man […]

tsurufoto presents… tiffany brings over her old Atari 2600 (NSFW)

And A Few Games… Our 3nd “moving photo series”… I’m not trying to make a music video or a movie, I’m just adding motion and sound to a photo shoot, adding 2 more dimensions to what’s in my head when I’m doing a photo series. Does that make sense? This film was shot during our […]

Free and His Atari 2600

Set Free finds a way to hook up his 1979 Atari to his HD flatscreen, and plays all the old Atari games. Likes: 1 Viewed: 609 source