8 Onion Ring Recipes

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Mongolian Beef – Chinese Restaurant Cooking Secrets – PoorMansGourmet

This is the #1 Mongolian Beef recipe on YouTube because it’s amazing. It’s also one of the most popular videos on my channel but I highly recommend that you get the exact recipe from my website because there are a few other additional ingredients in this dish that aren’t mentioned in the video. Full Recipe […]

Bulgogi (Korean BBQ) Recipe

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Steak (Beef Steak) Recipe

How to marinate & make beef steak at home in easy steps. Beef Steak Recipe For more recipes visit Us: ‪ 
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‪ list=PL4B9715CE57F26E09&feature=plcp‬ Ingredients: 2 Pieces (2 lbs / 907 g) Beefsteak 4 Garlic Cloves 2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard 2 Tbsp Olive Oil 2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar 3 Tbsp Soy Sauce 1/4 Tsp Salt […]

How to Make Hayashi Rice (Recipe) | Cooking with Dog

How to Make Hayashi Rice ハヤシライスの作り方 We would appreciate it if you could add subtitles for this video! Thank you for your support! (serves 2) 10g Unsalted Butter (0.353 oz) 2 tbsp Cake Flour 50ml Bouillon Broth (1.69 fl oz) * 150g Thin Beef Slices (5.29 oz) Salt & Pepper Vegetable Oil 1 tbsp Butter […]

Delicious Gyudon Recipe (Healthy Beef Bowl with Reduced Fat Content) | Cooking with Dog

Let’s make the healthy, low-fat and delicious Gyudon! How to Make Gyudon (serves 2) 200g Thinly Sliced Beef With A Little Fat (0.441 lb) 1/2 Onion (130g/4.59 oz) 5g Ginger (0.176 oz) 2 tbsp Soy Sauce 1 tbsp Sake 1tbsp Sugar 1 tbsp Hon-Mirin 100ml Water (3.38 u.s. fl. oz) 1/2 tsp Granulated Dashi 2 […]

How to cook steaks the traditional way

Chef Patrick Heuberger shows us how to cook steaks the traditional way – on a frying pan and on a grill pan. He used the Australian Angus 200-days grain-fed ribeye in the first method and the US corn-fed sirloin in the second method. The full written recipe can be found at Shop for steaks now […]

Science: Make the Best Steaks By Cooking Frozen Meat (No Thawing!)

Buy Cook’s Science today: The Science of Good Cooking: Conventional wisdom holds that frozen steaks should be thawed before cooking, but we wondered if you can cook frozen meat straight from the freezer. Cook’s Illustrated Senior Editor Dan Souza explains our cooking experiments. WATCH: How to Make the Most Perfect Bacon Ever WATCH: How to […]

Celery Drink Recipes

Chef Ricardo Celery Drink Recipes www.chefricardo.co.uk www.chefricardocooking.com Chef Ricardo Sweet Potato Pudding Recipe From The Caribbean Chef Ricardo chef ricardo this summerfree Chef Ricardo beautiful Caribbean island apple juice recipe beautiful oneChef Ricardo Tomato Drink Fresh Home Made www.chefricardo.co.uk chefricardo app

Amazing People Compilation – part 3 (Street Cooking)

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