Chopstick&Johnjon – Oh Mama

455 Musicvideo for the Berlin based DJ “Chopstick&Johnjon” Track is called “Oh Mama”. Build in Cinema 4D rendered with Octane. Likes: 455 Viewed: 5461

Xbox One “Greatest Games”

Xbox One “Greatest Games” TV Commercial Coming off of the success of our “Jump Ahead” film for E3, Microsoft and Ayzenberg decided to reunite the band and create another hit. This time, we were challenged to build on the momentum generated by the original film and turn it into a rousing holiday spot– rallying gamers […]

16-Bit Memories

Growing up with 16-bit gaming meant one of two things: You were either a Nintendo or Sega kid. Christmas of ’94 decided that for me when I shredded the gift wrap hiding a Super Nintendo. The SNES showed me that games could actually look as killer as their box art and deliver even more realistic […]

Furniture assembly trailer

8 We have put together a short video from our latest animations. The project included over 100 assembly animations and required more than 30 detailed close up shots showing the specifics of each and every single furniture and/or fitting type. During the process we have modeled 90 unique screws, lifting mechanisms and many other fitting […]

Brown Jordan “the world’s finest furniture” Unveiled

2 An animation production I worked on with agency SME in NYC to help promote the re-branding of I was responsible for animation, and final audio mix. The storyboards, design, and direction was done by the awesome people at More info about my process on my blog Likes: 2 Viewed: 230

XBOX One C4D Model Speed build

Download the model for free – I thought I’d attempt to model an XBOX One in Cinema 4D. Now please bear in mind that this is not anatomically correct or to scale as I created it by eye from images of the Xbox that I found on Google image search! For fun I recorded […]

Old Video Games Video para “5 Second Projects : Old Video Games” de Greyscale Gorilla. Para hacerlo primero busqué imagenes de los personajes y elementos que iba a utilizar y los tracé en vectores en Illustrator (hice a Megaman y a Link pero no encajaban en la animación). Luego esos vectores los pasé a Cinema 4D y […]