TV Shows Canceled After One Episode

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Some of the best TV series of all time were canceled too soon, but those overlooked classics at least had enough episodes air to build up a fanbase that was devastated when the shows were pulled before their time. Imagine how it must feel to be a creator, producer, […]

Top 10 TV Shows Cancelled WAY Too Soon

With so many channels and streaming services, there are tons of shows to choose from. Unfortunately, some of the best ones get cancelled. Somehow Grey’s Anatomy is still ticking, but sci-fi has a revolving door. So many quality shows have been cancelled way too soon, and we’re bringing you the 10 best. Let us know […]

25 Of The Best TV Shows That Were CANCELED Too Early

Have you ever felt like some of your favorite TV shows were canceled too early? The first seasons kick off and everything seems fine until abruptly, the show ends. What gives?! Today we’re going to look at 25 of the best TV shows that were canceled too early. There are many reasons why a TV […]

TV Show Cancellations That Never Should Have Happened

If you’re new, Subscribe! → Is there anything worse than your favorite TV show coming to an end? Well, there is, actually: when that show still had a lot of life left in it and should never have been cancelled in the first place. It’s one thing when a show reaches the end of […]

Top 10 TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

Top 10 TV Shows that were Cancelled Too Soon Subscribe: Television series often go past their prime and linger too long, but others are unfairly cancelled too quickly. WatchMojo lists the ten series that were unfairly cancelled. List Entries and Rank: #10. “Star Trek The Original Series” (196669) #9. “Sports Night” (19982000) and “Studio […]