10 Worst Video Games Based On TV Shows

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Sony – PlayStation E3 Experience Promo Titles

We’ve made the titles for Sony’s announcement of the PlayStation E3 Experience 2015, a huge yearly event where all the new games titles and launches are announced. To experience the PlayStation E3 Experience many game fans came together to watch the live announcements of E3 in movie theaters all across North America on 15th of […]

Feel The Game | E3 2014 Montage

Each year we are blessed with new games and tech that continues to push the limits in today’s industry and this year was no exception. As a gamer all I want are games, and games are what we got! So I put together a montage using a variety of selected clips from our 2014 E3. […]

Halo 5

Halo Xbox One Announcment trailer I directed for Microsoft / 343 Industries Production Company Axis Animation Executive Producer Richard Scott Executive Producer Debbie Ross Director/ Editor John Allardice Producer Paula Lacerda Prod. Coordinator Bree Whitford CG Supervisor Sergio Caires Lead artist / Colorist John Barclay Concept Design – Characters Jon Beeston Concept Design – Environments […]

Bioshock Infinite – The B Gamer Review

I write, produce, edit and host this new video game review podcast. All of the gameplay in the video is my own. Many more reviews coming soon, we’re just a week old. I’ll also be covering E3 2013 in two weeks. Enjoy it and share/spread the word around about The B Gamer! Twitter: @thebgamerpod Facebook: […]


https://www.facebook.com/pages/Slot-B/273740235996073 composition et sound design : Paco Thouvenot (aka Karash Nikol) track: http://karashnikol.bandcamp.com/track/ready-for-action-original-version Avec la participation de Doudou Ngumbu Constantly looking for new sources of inspiration, the Slot B team decided to confront themselves to the complex video games marketing field. Fake adverts, preview revelations, teasers, leaks, etc are common strategies in multimedia communication. The […]

Sony Playstation ‘Job Interview’

Inspired by the awesomeness of gamers, PlayStation and MOFILM selected Director Mark Lediard’s “Job Interview” film as Pick of the Week. http://playstation.tumblr.com Likes: 8 Viewed: 1306 source

E3: More Than Games

As one of the world’s biggest video game trade shows, what more does E3 have to offer than just games? Whilst on the show floor we asked a number of people to share their thoughts on what makes E3 so special. www.collectivevisual.com Twitter: @CollectiVisual Likes: 18 Viewed: 8080 source

Nintendo: E3 Conference 2011

Compositing and 2d FX. Produced at Obsolete Robot. A series of spots played on stage at the 2011 E3 video game conference, showcasing Nintendo’s newest games for the Nintendo 3DS. The piece was built to be projected onto the walls of a 640 foot stage setup. Likes: 5 Viewed: 265 source