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ignore me dancing i just watched it back and i wanna slap myself fr spotify : yasmin.caramanli WATCH IN 1080P! – if ur reading this comment ur fav tv show BUISNESS INQUIRIES / WANT PROMOTION? : email : SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE : SOCIAL MEDIAS: INSTAGRAM: @yazonline TWITTER: @yazonlinex SNAPCHAT: yazonline FAQ: AGE : […]

Skate 2 Tricks

Terrar Teddy + DoubtlessWinner in an awsome Teddy-Gaming exclusive video! Song: “Smile like you meen it” By: “The Killers” – “Put the aim in your game” —- Gaming Reviews, Cheats, Glitches and more! Likes: 0 Viewed: 242 source

‘Boogie Superstar’ Animation work by Lloyd J Colaco

Here are some of the animations I did for EA’s ‘Boogie Superstar’ A little info on the game… Boogie Superstar – by Electronic Arts Montreal, is a fun dance game designed exclusively for the Wii and targeted towards tween girls. It also features Karaoke in the gameplay, letting players sing. The game involves players waggling […]