Alan Williams Metal Artist | Creatures of the Deep

1936 Alan Williams: Creatures of the Deep offers an insight into the mind and work of the immensely talented Brighton sculptor Alan Williams, who turns scrap metal into amazing animal figures. Looking into his dark influences and childhood, this biopic explores Alan’s practice, presenting the work of a true artist who holds “great talent, imagination […]

internationale furniture fair 2015 cologne – sixay furniture

1 internationale furniture fair 2015 cologne – Messefilm by Zamanifilm Köln (Vahid & Omid Zamani) Likes: 1 Viewed: 59

Stockholm Furniture Fairs 2010

1 Exhibition held on 2010 at Stockholm furniture fair in Sweden. Likes: 1 Viewed: 111

Dieter Rams, designer – Cold War Modern

722 Every company makes the same design with dark brown wooden housings. They called that in Germany [unclear]. It’s always a compliment when some products you have designed become a nickname, like the ‘Snow White Coffin’. Nobody knows exactly where it’s coming from, it comes from the competition or it comes from the inside. The […]