Cooking Rice – By VahChef @

Rice also refers to Steamed rice that is cooked either by steaming or boiling. Rice is the most widely consumed staple food among a large part of the world’s population, especially in Asia basic cooking plain rice Ingredients: rice 200 Grams Water as needed oil as needed Directions: Boil water add rice. Once the rice […]


Guess that Song played by our staff! Thank you for watching! Watch all FBE Staff Reacts! SUBSCRIBE THEN HIT THE ?! New Videos 12pm PST on REACT! Watch all RC videos from this week Watch latest FBE videos: The FBE Staff are put to the test in Guess that Song! Watch […]

10 NEW KITCHEN GADGETS You Absolutely NEED In Your Life

Put to the test by the Crazy Russian hacker, here are 10 kitchen gadgets that will help you cook better…and FASTER! Wow! Subscribe: —————————————————————————————– If you’re a fan of cooking, this video will make you happy. Sometimes we just need an upgrade to our old school kitchen gadgets and replace them with something cooler. […]


6 awesome food hacks / food tricks In this video, you will see 6 very different but equally awesome food hacks/tricks/tips that will help you make and use food in simpler better ways. These are the life hacks you will see in this video: 1. Strawberry Trick 2. Onion Grating Trick 3. Lemon Trick 4. […]

Vietnam Street food Saigon Street Food Vietnam New 2017

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90’s TV Show Trivia

TV Trivia Guess the 90’s TV show theme songs. Try and guess what popular show goes along with each song. Post your results below. Follow us @ Channel Page -… Twitter- Facebook- Twitter- Don’t forget to subscribe for an opportunity each week to play a new version. source