45 WOOD SHAVINGS BENCH Designed by HOUR25 PRODUCTION | www.hour-25.com Dimension: 3800mm x 1400mm x 400mm(H) Materials: CNC machine cut 18.5mm thk. Plywood, CNC machine cut recycled 20mm thk. Solid Wood, Carpet, Clear Lacquer Paint Finish Year of Production: 2013 Description: WOOD SHAVINGS BENCH is a prototype designed to up-cycle unwanted wood pieces collected from […]

Ranke – generative furniture system for bookshelves

3 Ranke is a concept for a generatively created bookshelf adapted to the setting of a room. The ‘shelf’ is composed of two components: a wall mounted carrier runner with tabs and supports to attach individual customised slipcases which hold the books. The slipcases are easily fixed onto the runner which securely holds the books […]