Albion Online 2017 Farming/Husbandry/Cooking Guide SELF SUSTAINING

Turn down the audio if the mic starts to pop, audio rendering didn’t go as well as I planned when it transferred to YouTube shit got fucked up. Sorry in advance! Welcome to FrostE Gaming Guide to Farming – Hope you enjoyed the guide, feel free to comment, like, and subscribe! Subscribe here- www/ Channel- […]

you’re with me for every song // Amanda + Nygel

in all the years of filming weddings, this one was my first that i attended as a guest. I grew up with Nygel back in Midland, Ontario. we’ve always been very close friends. there were times he lived at our house and we’de play video games (the good old days of Sega Master System) through […]

Process: Farm Tables With David Ellison

486 Rather than turn his nose up at boards with rusty old bolts, David Ellison highlights these markings as part of the history in his furniture. Read the full Etsy blog post: Likes: 486 Viewed: 29107