Binignit Recipe

This video will show you how to cook a Visayan meryenda dish known as Binignit. This is almost the same as ginataang halo-halo, except that the latter uses glutinous rice balls or bilo-bilo. Other regions in the Philippines also have versions of this dish. These are, but not limited to the following: Sampelot in Pampanga, […]

Mini Tuna Mushroom Pasta (miniature cooking) (DIY) (kids toys)

Hi everyone! Today’s episode I made Tuna and mushroom pasta, I also make miniature cheese 🙂 that I hope you will like it. Here are ingredients; Homemade pasta, for sauce; butter, garlic, mushroom, onions, tuna, tomato paste, tomato sauce, milk, salt, pepper, ground oregano and cheese. Thank you so much for watching! To God be […]